Date & Heli Reasons & Remarqs Price to repair
in France (A shame !)
Price to repair
in USA
(Heliproz, Rick&39;s)
Price to repair
in Hong Kong
(CyberHeli, Hobby Net)

Raptor 30

Land normally but in high grass Tail blade screw were too tigh.

Only break the slider, don&39;t forget not
to overtighten the tail blade,

Tail pitch slider

Total : 20â?¬ a shame !
Rick&39;s heli sell the part alone
for less than 1$

Total : 0.90â?¬ 91% less !

Raptor 46

Stick error while in nose-in + TX reset when Hit!

Landing skid is cracked
on one leg. Canopy is a little bit deformed TX send back to dealer for checkin.

Flybar 19.3â?¬
blades fiber 41.2â?¬
Main spur gear 21.34â?¬

Total : 81.84â?¬ a shame !
Flybar 5.14â?¬
blades fiber 26â?¬
Main spur gear 10.29â?¬
Total : 41.34â?¬ 49.5% less !
Flybar 3.00â?¬
blades fiber 20â?¬
Main spur gear 7.14â?¬
Total : 30.14â?¬ 63% less !

st Caliber 30
Blades not enough bolted.

It was a tail boom hit, heli was going to fall on it&39;s side because it was in high
grass, recover on the other side made the blade moving Only one blade hit the canopy. ;-) ,
blade have a small dent, pitch arm servo was bent a little..raptor canopy has absorb the shock.
Nothing ;-) Nothing ;-) Nothing ;-)

nd Caliber 30
Stick error while in nose-in
  • CA3043 Servo Frame Set was repared not replaced,
  • Tail boom and blades from raptor30 (new parts never used).
  • The main mast is not bend, will try to figure out if it is true...

Generic wood blade at $17 heliproz !
Total costs: $63 (bought everything in Japan)

CA3020 Main Mast â?¬
CA3012 Mixing Arm â?¬
CA3019 Main Gear 90T â?¬
CA3009 Flybar â?¬
CA3004 Spindle Shaft â?¬
CA3048 Tail Pipe â?¬
CA3049 Tail Boom â?¬
PV0065 Raptor canopy screen 15.28
PV0045 body complet â?¬45.30
PV0066 Body only â?¬38,50
CA3075 main blade  
CA3020 Main Mast $11.79
CA3012 Mixing Arm $8.99
CA3019 Main Gear 90T $8.99
CA3009 Flybar $6.09
CA3004 Spindle Shaft $7.29
CA3048 Tail Pipe $10.99
CA3049 Tail Boom $11.39
PV0065 Raptor canopy screen $5
CA3075 main blade $37.99
TOTAL $108
CA3020 Main Mast $7
CA3012 Mixing Arm $5
CA3019 Main Gear 90T $5
CA3009 Flybar $3
CA3004 Spindle Shaft $4
CA3048 Tail Pipe $8
CA3049 Tail Boom $9
PV0065 Raptor canopy screen $5
CA3075 main blade $27

1st Caliber 30

Mechanical problem yet unknow

strange crash but totally my fault: when hovering the heli was falling
on it&39;s right side, I checked too fast and trim to the opposite (6 or 7
point to the left), then I fly 5 min and loose control. One more time,
if something change, land, cut off and verify everything, damn
Strange because, I did not loose the Tail or main mast, nor tail boom.
The biggest problem is the right main frame (brokenat red line),
but it can be repair. see fix here

Total costs: $63
Tail case right and left 22â?¬  
CA3019 Main Gear 90T $5
CA3004 Spindle Shaft $4
CA3075 main blade $27
CA3012 Mixing Arm $5

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