Type Pictures Note Price and Where
Swashplate Replace the plastic one, wich have a lot of slope (even through if it do not seems to disturb the raptor)

Allow to have even more pitch. A MUST


Metal Main rotor head hub Less slope with time compare to the plastic one, but it is a really expensive part


Metal blade grip Should supress the woof and poof, the collar have less space to move


Wash out   Thunder Tiger


Tail pitch control lever


Pich control arm   30$
Carbon rod and servo mount for using the JR 5700G + CSM 540


Tail Output Shaft + Pulley bought by the previous owner of the raptor


Raptor 50 tank a MUST for extending flight time, not exepensive upgrade.


Tail Drive Belt Guide bought by the previous owner of the raptor


Tailboom Brace Set bought by the previous owner of the raptor


OS46 or OS50 motor mount needed to upgrade to raptor 50, bought by the previous owner of the raptor 20€
Tank Header avoid bubble.


K&S Funtech OS50 One of the best exhaust for the os50 80€

Some remarqs:

If you compared the price of a raptor metal head and a Futura one, you will see that the price is very close. I was always complaining about the price (it is too expensive) and at the end, i add so much upgrade on my rappy.... I must be crazy !!

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