My first helicopter :

This is the last view of my thunder tiger raptor, I regret it each time I see another heli, but I do the right thing : after fighting 2 months with the woof (without poof) and without flying, changing for 250 Euro of part (metal wash out, metal swash plate, flat damper, blade, servo,blade grip etc). I sell it... The person cured the woof and poof because he glue the rotor hub on the main mast.

In the very beginning of 2001, I was the first person who recommend the raptor, but with the current problem, I can not ! keep your hand away from this bird (or learn to fly with it and sell it if he start to wah wah or woof and poof). The risk is to kill yourself, crash the heli, or injured someone else in during loosing the control. Note that I would buy immediately 2 raptor when ace (the distributor) find the solution, but as today 21.12.2001, there is at least 20 solutions on internet and none cured the problem completly. Worse is the fact than some are really different each other. SORRY BUT BYE BYE RAPTOR

Raptor, I regret you each time I clean the motor from my robbe moskito xxl (really a pain to view the motor)

old message i've posted on the newsgroup:


So now many french flyer like me have the same problem, the woof and poof (tracking on only one side of the rotor, more than five centimeter, appear not always, only under low load around 0°) can even let the main blade hit the tail boom.

I do the following on my raptor :

- I change the wash out for a metal one (ace)
- I change the swash plate for a metal one (not from ace, quick uk)
- I change the main blade for fiber one (quick uk)
-> woof and poof still remained

I decide to add some weight in the canopy : install dual bat + another pack of battery (it may change eigen frequency of the whole system)
-> woof and poof still remained

Another flyer add a shim to remove the slope as described on many site
-> woof and poof still remained but isn't anymore so enormous....not an 100% solution

So i decide to change the main rotor grip + flat damper (not so expensive in fact)
-> woof and poof still remained

Delta 0
-> less woof and poof but still present....

One friend cure it: glue the rotor head with CA to the main mast !!!!!!

But if it cured the problem, maybe all raptor flyer should call Ace and ask for A FREE UPGRADE SOLUTION (my raptor has less than a year)
if not I will put a HEIM rotor head system instead of the ace.

best regards

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