Correct Official page in japanese
with a lot of crazy metal parts, this beautiful metal head cost only 200â?¬
Quick uk release a swashplate and has now a page for the caliber 30:

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Caliber 30 upgrades parts from Correct
Caliber 30 upgrades parts from Correct courtesy authorization of company Correct Please note that I have no connection with the compagny Correct, simply I find their upgrades beautiful and want to show them here. 016-100.jpg approx. 200â?¬ 016-100b.jpg 016-101.jpg approx. 100â?¬ 016-102.jpg approx. 65â?¬ 016-104.jpg 016-106.jpg 016-107.jpg 016-112.jpg 016-115.jpg approx. 65â?¬ 016-116.jpg approx. 65â?¬ 016-130.jpg approx. 200â?¬ 016-1301.jpg 016-1302.jpg 016-1303.jpg 016-1304.jpg 016-1305.jpg 016-130b.jpg 016-140.jpg 016-141.jpg 016-142_50T_C30.jpg 016-143_.jpg 016-145_16T.jpg 016-146.jpg 016-160.jpg 016-161.jpg 016-162.jpg 016-163.jpg FRPL_.jpg FRPR.jpg Mail of the compagny Correct: …
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CUSTOM-RC.COM CUSTOM RC PRODUCTS AND ANODIZING SERVICES is specialized in customizing your RC with matching or color coordinated accessories that are either hard to find or do not exist on the market. Soon a complete review of their Caliber 30 screws set will be posted here! …
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