is specialized in customizing your RC with matching or color coordinated accessories that are either hard to find or do not exist on the market.
Soon a complete review of their Caliber 30 screws set will be posted here!

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Shopping for upgrades
Correct Official page in japanese with a lot of crazy metal parts, this beautiful metal head cost only 200â?¬ Quick uk release a swashplate and has now a page for the caliber 30: Kyosho RCmodelsports …
5616 Days ago
Caliber 30 upgrades parts from Correct
Caliber 30 upgrades parts from Correct courtesy authorization of company Correct Please note that I have no connection with the compagny Correct, simply I find their upgrades beautiful and want to show them here. 016-100.jpg approx. 200â?¬ 016-100b.jpg 016-101.jpg approx. 100â?¬ 016-102.jpg approx. 65â?¬ 016-104.jpg 016-106.jpg 016-107.jpg 016-112.jpg 016-115.jpg approx. 65â?¬ 016-116.jpg approx. 65â?¬ 016-130.jpg approx. 200â?¬ 016-1301.jpg 016-1302.jpg 016-1303.jpg 016-1304.jpg 016-1305.jpg 016-130b.jpg 016-140.jpg 016-141.jpg 016-142_50T_C30.jpg 016-143_.jpg 016-145_16T.jpg 016-146.jpg 016-160.jpg 016-161.jpg 016-162.jpg 016-163.jpg FRPL_.jpg FRPR.jpg Mail of the compagny Correct: …
5616 Days ago