"Added a 1/4' long rubber tube (from the xcell fury for example) onto the spindle center to give it a pivot point just like the Fury has. It stiffend the head some and it will still hovers great."
(by d-n-jensen )

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This suppress wooble, even down to 1200 rpm. As usual, do this mod only if your heli encounter wooble, mine never develop this. "Flip the washout, grips, flybar control arms, and the bell mixing arms. If you use the stock washout you need to remove the pins and mount them the other way. I used a Freya washout slider from my spares box. The Freya washout is better because it has a brass bushing in the slider. If you use …
5630 Days ago
90 deg. CCPM
90 deg. CCPM by CK_ When in MMS mode, move the link from the blue ball to the red ball. Do this on both side of the swashplate. All credit to CK_ "As for the 90 deg. CCPM, here's why I did it. I started with the stock 120 deg. CCPM with 3 9202s. If I banged the cyclic around quickly there was a lot of collective interaction. Try it for yourself. Wiggle the cyclic and watch the antirotation pin …
5630 Days ago