CHRIS MULLINS'S NEO-GEO FAQ VER 7.5 1998 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Want to check out the First Version of this FAQ? go: This faq is made by Chris Mullins for reading to anyone who wants to know about the Neo-Geo Entertainment System , the Neo-Geo CD equivalent, and the MVS arcade system. Now, please enjoy this faq! Contents Frequently Asked Questions: What is a NEOGEO or NEOGEO CD? What are the specs for the system? How much does the system and games cost? What accessories are available for it? Are Japanese games compatible with U.S. NEOGEO's? I want the "Blood and Bouncy" code for King of Fighters '94? How do I get it? I heard that Mas Systems does various modifications to Neo-Geo Cartridge systems. Please tell me about it. What is a NEOGEO CDZ? How come my games look weird when I play them? Can I play MVS cartridges in a home NEOGEO? I can't find the Home Cartridges I want. Are you sure I can't use MVS Cartridges in a Home Cartridge system? Are the NEOGEO MVS boards JAMMA? Do you have any NEOGEO Systems or Games for sale? What are the Memory Card and Controller Test? Can you get extension cables for the controllers? What about the Multi-Link feature? Are there any Third Party Manufacturers for the NEOGEO? How do I design a game for the NEOGEO? Are there any Back-Up units for the NEOGEO? Can the NEOGEO handle more than 330 Megs? What's the deal on the NEOGEO 64? Why can't I find my favorite Neo cartridge? Do you have any CODES for Neo games? What makes sense, ONE new cartridge, or a bunch of older cartridges? How come my Neo games don't work? I tried everything, but my screen still looks garbled! What should I do? Man, the NEOGEO CD is too slow! Can't I put in an 8x CD-ROM drive in my NEOGEO CD? I hate Composite video! How can I get RGB? What's the current status of the NEOGEO? What should I get, a Cartridge or CD system? What should I get, the NEOGEO CD, or the NEOGEO CDZ system? What should I get, a home cartridge system, or an MVS cartridge system? I want to get an MVS System(Arcade Machine or Super Gun->MVS board), but where, or how do I go about finding one? Is it Possible to Hook up my Neo controllers to an MVS board? Someone said that Metal Slug is a RARE game. Where do I get it? What about these "Prototype" cartridges I'm hearing of? What Games do you Recommend for the NEOGEO(CD)? What is the Biggest Game Currently for the NEOGEO? NEOGEO Cartridges with cardboard boxes? What the...? What's this I hear about NEOGEO Emulation? Oh my word! An SNK portable machine! Tell me more. I'm tired of my Neo Cartridge(s)(or CDs). How do I get rid of them? Can I Contact SNK? Game List Questions: You gave Art of Fighting 3 an Excellent rating. But I heard that was a bad game from other people. What's up with that? Someone has Fatal Fury 3 for $299, but I don't want to spend that much on the game. What's the market price for this game? How many games do you own for the NEOGEO? Are they any good? Are there any significant oddities pertaining to the Neo-Geo and its games? What games are only available in Japanese form on the Neo-Geo? Where can I find Neo Stuff, info about the Neo Mailing List, and other such things? Game List: Action Fighting Shooter Puzzle Sports/Other Japanese Name to American Name Market Prices Phone Numbers Other Information Past Updates Coming Soon To My FAQ! Frequently Asked Questions ----What is a NEOGEO or NEOGEO CD, and what are the specs for it? The NEOGEO is an exact copy of SNK's MVS arcade hardware, with MVS standing for Multi-Video System. SNK makes games in this order: MVS Cartridge, Home Cartridge, and CD-ROM(for the NEOGEO CD). Arcade operators have the MVS boards set up, to where you can play up to 6 games(can access different ones with a push of the button) while standing at one machine. There are also 4 game, 2 game(2 monitor), 2 game(1 monitor), and single units. The specs on this thing are pretty good(who cares if this is eight years old!), including decent sound(timetested). Here they are: Processor: Motorola 68000(12 Mhz), Zilog-80A(4 Mhz) (technically a 16-bit machine) Resolution: 320x224 Color Palette: 65,536 Maximum Colors On-Screen: 4,096 Maximum Sprites On-Screen: 380 Minimum Sprite Size: 1x2 Maximum Sprite Size: 16x512 Maximum Amount of Game Planes: 3 Sound Channels: 4-FM synthesis, 7-Digital, 3-PSG, 1-Noise channel Internal RAM: Work RAM: 64Kb Video RAM: 68Kb Z80 RAM: 2Kb Memory Card(see below) The NEOGEOCD has all, including a single-speed CD-ROM drive, 64Kb of Static RAM, 512Kb Video RAM, cool loading screens, and 56 Mbits of D-RAM! ----How much does a NEOGEO system cost? The $64,000 question, I guess. When the NEOGEO first came out in 1990, it cost $650 with either NAM-1975 or Baseball Stars Professional, and games soon followed, costing $200 apiece. Now, you could pick a Neo up for about $200, but new games run you $300 apiece, due to the extremely large size and megabit count of them. But you could find old, used games for a lot cheaper(about $40-50 apiece), and a lot better bang for the buck that way. (See later in the FAQ for my counterpoint to the statement above.) The NEOGEO CD came out in 1994 as the supposed answer to SNK's gamut of problems, with cheaper games and a standard medium to put them on. It's still a viable system to purchase, because the new games are about $200 cheaper. But certain used games are cheaper on cartridge, and load time is a big problem(due to the demanding fighting games made for it, and it being a single-speed drive). The NEOGEO CD costs about $250 new, and games run about $50-70 apiece new for it. ----What accessories are available for the NEOGEO? Joystick: There are two kinds of joysticks available for the NEOGEO. First is the bigger, more stable joysticks, where motions can be done with ease( most, at least). But the others are lighter, more apt to break, and harder to even pull off motions on it. To some people, they don't like the fact that SNK doesn't make the older, heavier controllers anymore, only the smaller, sleeker controllers. Memory Card: This device on the NEOGEO Cartridge System can save any position in ANY game(from 19-27 game positions saved), and can be put in an MVS arcade cabinet so you can resume playing from your saved game in the arcade(8 Kbytes of RAM). You can also use any memory card that has 68 pins, and that is JEIDA spec ver.3, or higher. Joypad Controllers: Pretty good controllers, but may be hard to pull off certain motions on it, and may seem out of place on the NEOGEO. RGB/S-Video Cables: Yes! You can have arcade quality graphics with the RGB cable(and near-arcade quality with the S-Video cable)! But, you'll have to make your own, because all of the old peripherals are not made anymore. Nylon Carry Bags: Have you ever wanted to take your NEOGEO on vacation? To college, or to your Grandma's? Well, now you can, with these nylon carry bags, which are padded for the Neo's protection. Although these products are rather old, you can probably still find them at SNK, or at other retailers listed in the "Phone Numbers" section. There are other products out there made by third-parties and other companies, but are not listed here. See "Phone Numbers" for companies that may carry the product that you're looking for. ----Are Japanese games compatible with U.S. NEOGEO's? Yes they are, and will play in English, if you have an English system. If you have a Japanese system, English games play in Japanese. The same goes for European PAL systems, as well. ----I want the "Blood and Bouncy" code in King of Fighters '94? How do I Get it? First, you can either input the code normally(which is time-consuming), or you can have a language switch installed. In the following paragraphs I will explain how to do so in a NEOGEOCD(Z). This may also work for the cartridge system as well. Also, don't turn the switch when the system is on! It may damage the system! And I will NOT take responsibility for your mishaps on making this, should an accident occur. Now, here are the directions: 1. Unplug all cables from the NEOGEOCD(Z), and remove any disks that may be inside. 2. Turn over the NEOGEOCD(Z) and remove the four screws at the corner of the case. After removing the screws, carefully lift the TOP portion of the case so that it does not get stuck on the joystick connectors. 3. Place the top portion of the case next to the bottom so that the CD data cable does not get removed from its socket. 4. Look at the board with the joystick connectors. Carefully remove the Data Cable from its socket. Next, remove the six screws and carefully remove the board from its case. Also, be aware that there is a switch already present on the board. This is NOT a pre-installed language switch(DON'T TOUCH IT!). 5. Look at the jumpers near the Data Cable(at southwest position from the Data Cable, when the diagram near the Data Cable is facing north, relatively). If you have an American NEOGEOCD there will be a jumper located at JN1. If you have a European system, the jumper will be at JN2. On a Japanese NEOGEOCD(Z), there is no jumper set. 6. Look at the jumper diagram near the Data Cable. Now you have to decide what modes to switch from and to. If you have any remaining jumpers, remove them with a soldering iron. Also take the time to decide whether you want a remote switch, or one soldered to the board. 7. (FOR JAPANESE TO USA MODE)If you decided on a remote switch, solder a piece of wire to one terminal of JN1 and solder the other end of the wire to one of the terminals on the switch. Next, solder another wire to the other terminal of JN1 and then to the other terminal on the switch. You now have a working USA to Japanese mode switch. You can now cut a hole in the case of your NEOGEOCD(Z) and mount the switch( if you want to). If you wanted to switch between Europe and Japanese mode just substitute JN2 for JN1 in the above example. Also, if you did not want a remote switch, you can optionally mount the switch directly to the board. This makes it really hard to change modes when you want to. (ALL THREE MODES) If you wish to have all three modes you have several options. First, you can buy a three-way switch, that must support both JN1 and JN2 open, JN1 closed and JN2 open, and JN2 closed and JN1 open. Or, you can install two switches. In the second part, you could use USA mode by leaving the JN2 switch in Japanese mode and setting the JN1 switch for USA. European mode can be used by leaving JN1 in Japanese Mode and setting JN2 for European. Japanese mode would be accomplished by leaving both switches in Japanese mode. Please do NOT leave both switches in either USA or European mode. 8. Now reassemble your NEOGEOCD(Z). 9. Now reattach everything and try a game in Japanese mode and then try it in American mode. If it works both times, you have a successful switch! If you don't want to do this yourself, please contact MAS Systems, as they will modify your NeoGeo to show the blood with the flick of a toggle button. But, on newer games, you don't have to enter a code, or make a language switch for it, because they already contain blood and other adultish themes. ----I heard that MAS Systems does various modifications to Neo-Geo Cartridge Systems. Please tell me about it. I'll try to explain the best I can, but since I only own a simple Japanese modded system, I'll only go by what other reliable sources told me about them. Here it goes: Stereo-SVideo Mod: This mod enables you to use S-Video and Stereo outputs on your Neo-Geo system(instead of composite video and monaural sound). I think it costs about $100 to have done, courtesy of Mas Systems. Debug Mod: Or known as the "Arcade Mod", or the "Game Developer Mod", this mod does quite a few things. First, it's a language changer for older titles. Then, it's a "Game Genie" for the Neo, enabling you to access secret characters by using access codes and such. And, you can have unlimited continues, damaging hits, and the like. It costs about $80-$120 or so to have done, also at Mas Systems. Japanese Switch Mod: Many people can do this, it is described above. Mainly, only do this now if you desperately need to beat Burning Fight on Hard or something, it is unnecessary at this point. If there are any more that I don't know about, feel free to e-mail me. ----What is a NEOGEO CDZ? That is a NEOGEO CD enhanced hardware, such as better caching capabilities. IT IS NOT A DOUBLE-SPEED DRIVE, it just seems like it. I've tested it, and opened the CDZ and CD, and there is the same drive mechanism. Right now, it is only available through Japanese importers, and plays CD games only in Japanese(on newer games, there is an option for the game to display English, Spanish, and Portuguese also). ----How come my games look weird when I play them? Well, you either need to clean your games very well, or you may have one of the PAL systems that was floating around here in 1992-1993. If you do, and your system is still under warranty(yeah, right!:) ), SNK will fix it free of charge. If you aren't still under warranty, they'll fix it for a fee. --------Can I play MVS cartridges in my NEOGEO? Well, you used to be able to get them converted, but not anymore. The conversions require you taking the MVS chips out of the casing, putting them in the home cart, and re-wiring it to work. Very tedious, indeed. The people that used to do this, are not around anymore, or don't want to do it. But, with a special adapter, one may play home carts in an MVS system. I do not know where to find an adapter like that, or EVEN if one is made, but I'll try to find one so I can pass the info to my FAQ readers. ----I can't find the Home Cartridge games I want. Are you sure I can't use MVS cartridges in my Cartridge system? Yes, I'm sure, I speak that from experience(I bought a Ninja Master's MVS cart on about 1/20/97, and it wouldn't fit in my home system). And do you know the reason why SNK made the MVS and Home Cartridges incompatible? Because arcade operators couldn't buy the "cheap" home games for arcade use. Don't fret, you can try to find those hard-to-find games, if you look hard enough. ----Are the NEOGEO MVS boards JAMMA? Of course they are, the main boards indeed have to be in order to run on mainstream cabinets and the Super Gun, you know. But, in order to play an MVS game, you need the main MVS board(1 slot through 6 slot), and a Super Gun, or a JAMMA harness and an arcade cabinet. ----Do I have any NEOGEO Systems or Games for Sale? Unless I specify that I have anything for sale, or if the offer sounds good to me, I won't sell my Neo Carts, unless I put them up for sale. Don't worry, if you want a game, I'll help you find it. Just ask me. ----What is the Memory Card test and the Controller Test? The Memory Card test does test and let you format cards, delete saves, copy saves, and read files. You press and hold ABCD when a game is inserted, press reset, and it is activated. The Controller Test tests to see if you have a broken controller, and it is activated by inserting a game, turning on the power as you're holding ABCD. There is either a 0 or 1 when you press any button in the test. ----Are there extention cables for my controllers available? You can actually use PC controller 15-pin extention cables without any modifications necessary. ----What about the Multi-Link feature? Some games (Riding Hero, League Bowling, World Heroes Versus, any more?) for the NEOGEO feature the Multi-Link Feature, which means you can network two NEOGEOs together, with two separate TVs. But the Multi-Link Cable is essentially a wire with two male mini-headphone jacks, one at each end. ----Are there any Third Party Game Manufacturers for the NEOGEO? There used to be several third party companies publishing in America, but now only produce in Japan(and let SNK publish them over here), such as Visco, Pallas, Video System, Alpha Denshi(ADK), Face, Saurus, Sunsoft, Aicom, DataEast, Tradewest, Hudson Soft, Nazca, Taito, Viccom, Technos, American Sammy, Monolith, Takara, Success, NMK, and Wave. They all publish games in Japan, or just stopped making games for SNK. To tell the truth, most of these were probably separate entities within SNK, such as ADK, Saurus, etc. ----How do I design a game for the NEOGEO? Whoa, whoa, settle down! Remember, this is a topic, which has a lot more to it than the space I've devoted here on it. I'll give you the rundown on the sequence of events, in order to program a game for the Neo: 1. Get a developers' kit from SNK(home system based), so you have the exact programs and tools that SNK uses themselves to make games for the Neo(This step can be sidestepped, but making a game compatible with the Neo later can be quite a hassle). 2. Now, get some developers' programs, load your computer up with RAM, and get a very good graphics card. Also, start learning to program in C (ANSI C, or Objective C), because you'll have to program the game this way(maybe Assembly code?). 3. Get an EPROM burner, which programs the ROMs needed for a Home Cart or an MVS game(CD-Recorder for CDs). You'll have to use a better, more finished ROM for the finished product, and construct a cartridge(or get a CD). 4. Playtesting. You have to playtest this game for bugs, and to test certain spots in a game, a LOT! But, if you need to test something that's far in the game, that's what codes are for, to get there in a flash(they are programmed in the game). Afterwards, you're almost done, but you may need to do a couple more steps. 5. Design the artwork and instructions for the game. Make sure that it looks pretty professional, and looks like current Neo instruction booklets. This is very important, as good artwork complements a good game, but bad artwork will make a good game look bad. 6. The final step, is to either send the EPROM to SNK, and they may buy the rights to the game(for some good money), or you can pay the licensing fee, and make Carts yourself(CDs), as a company. But, the licensing fee will run, on an average, over $500,000, so for most people, that is not a feasible option anymore, considering the limited run of Neo Carts(CDs are pretty limited too, certain ones). Hope this helps, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, I know some more about the subject, and I can share that with you, if you're interested. ----Are there any Back-Up units for the NEOGEO? Man, I wonder what someone would need them for? :) Anyways, you could probably find one of the old Multi-Game Doctor units that could be floating around. But, since there are no more back-up units in production, and the Multi-Game Doctor cost about $1300 New, you'll have to pay a pretty penny to get your hands on one now. Unfortunately, I heard that it took about 10 minutes to load up a game on the device. ----Can the NEOGEO handle more than 330 Megs? Of course, but there may be some animations cut here and there, but the limit is not 330 Megs. They should call it "Max 1 Giga", but 1000 Mbits in a game would make it very expensive on cartridge. I'll contradict, that, as of(5/13/98), there was a 539 Meg game just released, called Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Now, with the "Max 1 Giga" technology that SNK's using to make bigger Neo- Geo games, we may see games hit 1000 Megs in the near future, before the Neo dies. ----What about the NEOGEO 64 that I've heard about? This is SNK's next generation system(so aptly named!), and may become a reality in the home, but a sure thing in the arcade. Even though Samurai Shodown(Samurai Spirits in Japanese) is the first game, most everything else is rumors or speculation. Maybe, but SS64 doesn't look the best at all. The game controls sloppily, and looks like Tekken 1, ver1. The NEOGEO 64 has a LONG way from becoming the 3D system of the future, but if they do 2D games............ The NEOGEO 64 also will sport racing games, and maybe action games also. There are prototypes of Art of Fighting 4 out on the NEO 64 , which, since it is polygon-based, will put an end to the 2D era, should it ever take effect(personally, SNK needs experience making these games, and need the experience now!). But, as of July 13, 1998; the NEOGEO 64 is actually becoming a good platform, as there are much better games coming out, like Samurai Shodown 64 II and Beast Busters: Second Nightmare. SNK is learning how to make these games, and they really want to learn. Good efforts so far.... ----Why can't I find my favorite NEOGEO cartridge? When SNK makes games, they make very few cartridges now, but they used to make more than they did, due to the huge size of the games nowadays. Produ- ction is now in the low-to-mid hundreds(or even in the dozens!), so buy them when you can, and don't be afraid to spend $150 or more on a newer game, just not on anything older than that. Games older than that should be a lot cheaper(but may not be, if it is rare, like Sengoku 2). ----Do you know any CODES for any Neo games? Of course I do. Following, are most of the codes for games on the Neo. If there's any more that you would like to add, please notify me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Here they are: Art of Fighting 2 More power for the second game: To do this , you must own Art of Fighting 1 & 2 on your Memory Card. First, win all 3 bonus games on Art of Fighting 1 and save your game. Then go to Art of Fighting 2 and then. choose load memory. Then choose the Art of Fighting 1 option you will be given. You will begin the game with all of the charac- teristics of the AOF1 bonus stages completed in Art of Fighting 2, with extra power to boot! Double Dragon Play as Duku or Shorko: At the character select screen, put the cursor on Billy, then Marian, then Chung Fu, then Jimmy for 4 seconds each time. If you do this code correctly, you will hear someone say ,"BINGO!". Now you can choose Duku or Shorko. Fatal Fury Special Sound Test: Pause the game, then press, in order, A, B, C, D, A. Fatal Fury 3 Tiny characters: This works in the versus mode only. Once you select the two fighters, hold B and C on both controllers all the way through the loading screen until the match starts. You have to do it again for each fight you want the code to take affect. Hidden Characters: When you defeat Jin Chonrei and finish the game, save it. Now load the game and choose "NEW GAME". Then, at the character select screen, move the cursor, to Terry, Hon Fu, Mai, Geese, Bob, Sokaku, Andy, Bash, Joe, then Mary; each time you move to a fighter, press B. Then, you will hear a voice say "Here comes the new fighters!" Kabuki Klash(Tengai Makyo Shinden) Boss Code: Go to the battle mode, then push B 12 times, then right 8 times on controller 1. The screen will flash and you will have control of Manto Ape and Karakuri. It will work on controller 2 as well. Change Color: After entering the code above, do the following: Select Yagumo: press A, A, forward+A, C. Her clothes will change to white if you did it correctly. Choose Kinu: press down, down-back, back, down-back, forward, BC. Her outfit will change to purple. King Of Fighters '94 Blood and Bouncy Code: On the high scores screen press A and D on controller 1 while pressing B and C on controller 2. King of Fighters '95 Playable Bosses: Pick "Team Edit". At the character select press up+B, right+C, left+A, and down+D. Saisyu Kusanagi and Omega Rugal will appear. Blood and Bouncy Code: On the high scores screen press A and D on controller 1 while you press B and C on controller 2. King of Fighters '96 Boss Code(CD only): Press and hold the start button, then press up+B, right+C, left+A, down+D. King of Fighters '97 Play as Orochi Iori: At the character select, put the cursor on Iori, then hold start and press left, right, left, right, left, right, A+C. Play as Orochi Leona: At the character select, put the cursor on Leona, then hold start and press up, down, up, down, up, down, B+D.(after inputting the Iori code) KOF 94 Kyo: Highlight Kyo Kusanagi, hold start and then press any button. Play as the Orochi Team: At the character select, put cursor on Shermie, hold start and then press up, left, down, right, up, down, B+C. See your team's attitude: While choosing a character at the order selection screen, hold C. A smiley face will appear that represents the character's attitude. A smiling face means "always aid" and will add 1 bar to the second character in advanced mode. A neutral face means "random aid". A frowning face means "never aid" and will remove all power bars. Choose a winning pose: Hold A, B, or C to select your pose. Fu'un Super Tag Battle Boss Code: Using them will put you under the following conditions: 1.No memory card saves. 2.No name sign in, for high scores. 3.No ending (story). 4.Fight alone. At the team select screen, set the cursor on Mezu. Move left, up, right, you'll be on Gozu. Circle the screen once counterclockwise, returning to Gozu. Press D, you'll hear Jyazu's laugh. Jyazu is above Gozu's panel, tap up to access him. (up again to return to Gozu) It's the same for King Leo, who is above King Lion's panel. Magical Drop 2 Hidden Characters: At the character select, highlight the following characters and press down (in order, of course): The Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Chariot, Justice, Sorceress, World, Devil. You may now select Strength or Empress. Ninja Masters Play as Ranmaru and Nobunaga: Begin a one-player game. On the first player's side, set the cursor on Kamui and press left, down, left, up, left, down-left, up, right, down, right, up, C and D. The bosses will appear. Beat the Clock: This is for a 1P game only. At the character select, the cursor will start on Kamui. Once there, press down, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, down, right, right, right, right, up. Your cursor will be back on Kamui again. Press C and D together, now you can pick your character. The time attack will be canceled if player 2 decides to join the game. Pulstar Full Power(CD only): This code will let you restore your power whenever you are blinking (when the game starts or you've detonated your probe). To do it, press up, up, down, down, left, right, A, B. Stage Select(CD only): On the "Stage Start" screen, select the stage with all four buttons (A, B, C, D) at once. This will give you access to stages 5, 6, 7, 8. For example, highlight stage 1, then push all 4 buttons to select stage 5. Stage 2=6, 3=7, 4=8. Demos(CD only): At the title screen hit left 7 times then right once. Now pressing A-D on either controller will show the corresponding cinema. 1P=demos 1-4, 2P=demos 5-8. Real Bout Special Play Geese Howard: By finishing the game without losing a round you will obtain the status of "Ace Fighter", then at the Ranking screen press: right, up-right, up, up-left, left, down-left, down, down-right, right, down-right+ABC. If done correctly, you will hear Geese say: "Come on." "EX" Versions of Characters: At the character select, move to the character you choose to play as, then do the following: Hold the start button (don't let go of it!) Tap buttons in sequence: B, B, C, C. Now hold down the B button for about a second. While still holding B (and Start), press and hold the C button. While holding these three buttons, press A or D to select your character in Shadow form. You may now let go of all the buttons. (A or D is used to select the color of your character's clothes) Samurai Shodown Play as Kuroko: At the character select screen in a versus game press up, down, left, up, down, right+A. The player who wants to play as Kuroko should press these buttons. After the match the game will reset. Play as Amakusa: Select any character and enter versus mode. Lose and then save the game. Load the game and then select Charlotte with controller 2 and continue the game. Press start on controller 1 in the bonus phase. Player 2 will transform to Amakusa. Samurai Shodown II Blood Code: Go into the options. Highlight "EXIT" and press A+B+C+D simultaneously. Play as Kuroko: Start a two-player game. On the character select screen, press up, down, left, up, down, right+A. You may now select Kuroko. Unlimited POW : Press start on controller 1, and move to the option mode. Press start on controller 2, then in the options menu, you can now change the POW setting from "NORMAL" to "MAX". Samurai Shodown III Play as Minazuki Zankuro: Join into a 1-player game on controller 2. At the character select, move the joystick from Shizumaru; left, left, down, right, right, up, right, down, right, right, up, left, left. You will be back at Shizumaru. Once there, wait about 3 seconds, then press A,B, and Start simultaneously. Minazuki Zankuro will appear. Samurai Shodown IV Seppuku(Suicide): While playing, press left, right, down+start. Blood Code: You will get blood and the ability to perform "No Contest" moves. On the option screen go to "EXIT" and press ABCD all at the exact same time. Play as Minazuki Zankuro(CD only): In the versus mode, hold the D button and press "A". Both players may play as Zankuro, but in the versus mode only. Twinkle Star Sprites Play as the bosses: On the character select screen hilight Load-Ran, press up 4 times and press a button to select Sprites, or press down 4 times and press a button to select Memory. Also instead, you may highlight Griffon (the group with 3 people) and follow the same procedure to select Mevious (up) or Dark-Ran (down). World Heroes Perfect Play as Neo Dio: At the character select screen, hold B and press up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right, BC. Play as Son-Goku: At the character select screen, hold C and press up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right, BC. ----What makes more sense to buy, ONE new cartridge, or a LOT of old carts? Personally, I would look at it this way: I could buy a new crtridge, such as King of Fighters '97, and play it somewhat for 5 months, or buy 5 old games for that cost, and get maybe 1 month out of them, due to limited replay value out of them. I would go with the new, except when there are 2 or more older games you want. ----How come my Neo games don't work? Well, you have to clean the games! I can speak from experience, and carts can get very dirty, and cleaning them shows you how much dirt there is on them. You take a solution of Isopropyl Alcohol and water, and clean the contacts with a Q-Tip. Also, if you just yank out the games instead of taking them out carefully, contacts, over time, will partly come off. So treat your carts well, and they will last a long time! Or, you could have pushed the cartridge too far in, which will make bigger games(i.e.,King of Fighters '96) screw up. Put the carts in ALMOST all the way, and push them back up a LITTLE bit to make them work. Always put the cartridge in, game logo in front, or else you may mess up the system contacts. The last reason, is if you have a Japanese/American switch on the back of your Neo-Geo(cart or CD), with it enabled in Japanese. Newer games will not work like that(from Fatal Fury 3 -onward), so you must switch it back to American. I speak from experience(I bought a system from GameDude like that, and games like Crossed Swords and Fatal Fury 3 wouldn't work), so switch it back to American! The switch is usually between the power cord and AV plug-ins on the back of the Neo-Geo. ----I tried everything, but my screen looks garbled still! What should I do? Well, if you tried what I said earlier, and it still doesn't work, follow these steps(I will NOT take responsibility for anything bad that happens): 1. Open up your system(or call SNK and have them fix it for you, for a fee of course), and find where your AV and AC outlet wires plug into the back of the machine. Then find the cartridge port, and connect (or re-connect) the wires in all three, the AV, AC, and cartridge ports. MAKE SURE THE POWER IS NOT PLUGGED IN! 2. Well, if you know a lot about soldering and electronics in general, you can try to convert an MVS board into a home one, just take the AV ports , AC outlet plugs, and the cartridge plug(unless you want to play MVS games in your home system, which in order to do so, cut away the cartridge opening on the system casing). You may need an RGB-NTSC converter, depending on what you want to do(MVS or Home). However, these are very shallow descriptions, and are not attempted yet. Don't do this yet, but if you choose to, e-mail me first, and we'll talk it over. 3. Use a step-down converter, to convert 110V to 100V. This will make it run more efficiently, and may jump-start your system. It is safe, since this has been tested. 4. Send your system to SNK of America. Call them first, and get some prices on how to fix your system, you'll have to pay shipping both ways also, so expect it. They'll fix it for you in about 3 weeks, depending on what they do, they'll charge accordingly. Make sure you tell them what you do, what the system does, and other things that they may need to pinpoint the problem. I hope that solves your problems, if you have a Neo CD that needs fixing, just figure that when I say "cartridge port", I mean CD laser and mechanism(maybe controller to CD player, too, to run the drive) can be transported to the other system, if necessary. ----I'm so sick of composite video. I want RGB! Have you got a PAL Neo*Geo with an RF, or composite cable? Yes I know, it sucks big time. Well, no need to scream, because it is very easy to make it look about a hundred times better than RF output. Just two steps. Step 1 You need to force your Neo*Geo to display through the NTSC signal. Why? Because unlike the PAL signal it is 16% faster, full screen, and above all , it looks as the programmers intended. To do this, just open your Neo*Geo by unscrewing the four screws on the bottom (3 of the screws are hidden under the rubber feet; just remove the feet with a little screwdriver). Once your console is open, locate a small piece of bare wire (very short) in the area of the top right corner of the motherboard, it is called PAL 1. There is no need to be uneasy, it is marked as PAL 1. Now with a small cutter just cut it in half, and make sure that no contact is made. That's all. If you did everything fine you should get full screen signal (NTSC). Step 2 Now for the optimum display (RGB) make a SCART/RGB (Euro Scart) cable. You can either get one from a store, like Telegames UK, or make your own. I do not have any info on how to make one, however. If you did all well, you should now get a perfect display from your Neo*Geo. You COULD be a bit unlucky and get a composite display (not as good colors) through that cable on your TV set, after all that is what happened to me. Well, getting around is a pretty simple affair. All you got to do is to put your TV in Teletext mode, and it automatically switches to RGB! Then, with the approppriate button, remove the teletext page number, and there you have it! ----Man, the NEOGEO CD is too slow! Can't I put in an 8x CD-ROM drive in my NEOGEO CD? That's a tough one to answer. Well, it may depend on your computer skills, whether you should put in a SCSI or IDE controller, because you may not be able use the Proprietary interface that the NEOGEO CD uses to upgrade your CD Mechanism. If you succeed in doing so, or just connect the drive to the CD unit, you'll have successfully installed it! (Note: You may be able to plug the drive into the unit, without any modifications necesary.) But all that work may be for naught, because most of the access time depends on what speed the games are produced at. Most are still produced at 2x or 4x, so anything higher than a 6x or 8x drive is not necessary at all. In fact, even a 4x drive may not be necessary, which means you'll be partying with your NEOGEO CD(CDZ, perhaps?), taking a while still to load games. It is EXTREMELY difficult, and no one has pulled off a successful translation. I'll let you guys know if anything new pops up. ----What's the current status of the Neo? The current status of the Neo is good. It's meaning, of good, is that there are a fair number of games available, and coming out, but the games are now readily available, such as Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Blazing Star, and Metal Slug 2. Since the "Max 1 Giga" capabilities with Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 are used, we'll see more Neo-Geo games before it's through, perhaps up to 1000 Megs! Looking back at 1992, no one would have imagined that the Neo STILL has a following, and it's doing rather well. ----What should I get, the CD or Cartridge System? It all depends on two things, how much you play games and how long you are willing to wait for a game. If you're like me, someone who has a lot of other things to do, but expect your game to work, and have NO load time, the cartridge is for you. Even though the games run from $30 to $299, they are QUALITY- built, and is designed for extended play. The Neo-Geo CD, on the other hand, is made for play, and are cheaper, from $20 to $50, and is made for the person who buys a LOT of games, and only plays video games in his/her spare time. But, the load time is horrendous, and is of a cheaper build quality. Even though you can find the CDs a LOT easier, you can find almost all carts by just checking all the retailers periodically. CD or Cartridge, it depends on what you can afford? The question should be, how many games can I afford? I personally have 11 carts, but have had as much as 40 carts, before I sold them last month. Even though some carts are expensive, I don't buy every new one, because I'm saving for a car, taking care of others, etc. :) If you plan on buying more than 25 games brand new, go for CD. But if you have a decent job, can pay for games himself/herself, like yours truly, and play them when you want to, go for cartridge. ----What should I get, the NEOGEO CD, or the NEOGEO CDZ system? Basically, it depends how much money you have, whether you want to play older games in English or not, and if you can find a NEOGEO CDZ. Even though the CDZ has a double-speed drive, loading time is not twice- as-fast, more like a little faster, since SNK may make games at 1x speed. The CD unit has going for it, a sleeker design, more English games that can play English(CDZ, you're stuck in Japanese for some titles), and you can find the system easier. But, the load time can be awful, and on the older games, you either play them in English mode, or have a Japanese mod switch done on the system. The CDZ unit, loads faster, you can have access to the blood codes (meaning Japanese mode), and it's easier to install a switch to Japanese mode on the system. But, it costs about $300-400 for the drive, which may turn off some people. Also, there is a limited edition, FRONT-loading Neo-Geo CD unit, which was the first one that came out in 1994. Only 2500 units were made, but the drive is single-speed. The cost is about $500 on this one. It's entirely your decision, but this decision will come down to whether you have the money to buy the CD(Z) unit, or whether you can find one. Hope this helps in your quest to pick the right Neo system for you! ----What system should I get, the home cartridge or the MVS cartridge system? What kind of games do you want, rare games or not-so-rare games? Games such as King of Fighters '97 are not really rare, but ones such as Kizuna Encounter and Ragnagard ARE really rare. MVS games are also cheaper than the home games, and the so called "collectors" charge lots of money for rare Neo home games. What is this world coming to? $500 for a Neo home game?, Sometimes, the $500 carts are worth it(for me, sometimes), but for the majority of Neo owners, it is not. Those are the decisions you must weigh if you make a decision on which one you prefer. The home system is carried by a close-knit group of vendors, who charge decent prices for games, and include nice boxes, instructions, and the like. But, the rare games, collectors will drive up the prices on them, disheartening the person who has to buy his/her own games. The MVS system has advantages, such as cheaper games( after a year however), games that are more easily found, and games that ARE the actual arcade games. But, you need either a Super Gun (a JAMMA board that allows to play arcade games on your TV), with a NEO MVS board(1, 2, 4, or 6 slot machines), or a cabinet designed to play Neo games. If all you are is a pure gamer(or someone who doesn't have much space, and doesn't want a Super Gun), then the home system is for you. But if you might want to make money with your cabinet, or have the TRUE arcade feel in your living room, the MVS is for you. ----I want to get an MVS system(Arcade machine or Super Gun->MVS board), but where, or how do I go about finding one? That's a tough call. First, decide if you have enough money ($1000 or so for a new 1-slot machine with a 25" monitor), and the space to hold a big arcade machine. If not, you can purchase a Super Gun system from MAS Systems, and attach an MVS board to it, in order to play MVS carts on your TV(costs $600-$750 for the package). If you want the Super Gun package, you can find it pretty easily. You call up MAS Systems, order the Super Gun, then you buy an MVS board and cartridges from the places listed below. But, if you want an arcade machine for Neo games, that's another matter...... Call up all the "Amusement Machines" dealers in the phone book in your area, and ask them these questions: 1. Ask if there are any arcade auctions in the area. 2. See if there are any machines for sale at the dealer. 3. Ask if any other dealers in your area might have what you're looking for. Then, you can check out the dealers(including the ones I listed below, and across the internet), and see if buying used, or buying one new makes sense. But, shipping is the most important deal, when it comes to purchasing an arcade machine. And, it's not cheap, like regular Neo-Geo Home systems. Even if you buy one locally, you need to find a way to pick it up, and deliver it safely to your destination. If you buy one from a dealer that's more than 100 or so miles away, the most(seemingly)effective way of shipping is by freight truck. Well, that adds about 2 weeks to your delivery time, and costs about $250 or so to ship. It costs money to actually get the machine, you know. So, you can make the most cost-effective decision that way, by knowing about your choices, and making the right one. But, please remember, that a video game is JUST a video game..... ----Is It Possible to Hook up my Neo Controllers to an MVS board? From what I know about the MVS board, it is possible on the older boards to hook up the Neo controllers to the controller ports(where the joystick wires connect on the main board). That's it, there shouldn't be any modifications necessary. ----Someone said that Metal Slug is a RARE game. Where do I get it? Metal Slug is indeed a rare game, as is a LOT of video games out on the Neo Cartridge and Neo CD(MVS? Fight Fever comes to mind). But do you really want the game, or want a rare piece of plastic? I've played Metal Slug, and I think it's too easy of a game, and not worth the hassle to get it. Most of the rare games are rare, because they never sold well in Japan, or the U.S.. If you really want a rare game, make sure that you want the game. I cannot emphasize that enough, it seems. Also, Japan is THE where you look for games, America isn't, because all the Japanese carts (at least most of them)are still over there, so... Don't let the prices on games like that scare you, if you want them that bad, you can afford to pay $500 for that cartridge. But, I personally don't think that any game is worth that much, because all it is, is plastic and silicon. It's entirely your decision, but I'm just giving my two cents.....depending on its rarity, of course. ----What about these "Prototype" cartridges I'm hearing of? These cartridges are not even prototype at all, at least games like Gururin, Panic Bomber, etc. These are bootlegged copies of them, stolen from SNK of Japan, or are converted MVS carts. The following, are real prototype cartridges: Fun Fun Brothers Dunk Stars Mystic Wand Death Match Reactor Zupapa Magician Lord 2 World Heroes Versus Fu'un Super Tag Battle Link-Up Pair Pair Wars Droppers QP GhostLop That's about it, but only the ones above are "real" home cartridges. There are "limited release" home carts, very limited, like Chotetsu Brikin'ger, Breakers Revenge, Musashi Ganryuki, among others. ----What games are recommended for the NEOGEO(CD)? There are many, many games to pick from on the NEOGEO platform, but picking through the bad ones can be time-consuming, and costly. Well, I've come up with a recommended list, as all these are recommended by myself, AND the plethora of video game magazines that once reviewed them. Here is the list: King of Fighters '95(Team Fighting) Shin Samurai Spirits(Samurai Shodown 2)(Fighting) World Heroes Perfect(Fighting) Garou Densetsu 3(Fatal Fury 3)(Fighting) Last Resort(Shooter) Magician Lord(Action) Super Baseball 2020(Sports) Dunk Dreams(Street Hoop)(Sports) That should get you started, with 8 quality games. Remember, this is what I recommend, as you may not like a certain game(you can always substitute), or you can't find a particular title, so this list is NOT set in stone. But if you want quality, these are the best ones to play! ----What are HK's and CDR's for the NEOGEO CD? HK's(Hong Kong copies) are illegal copies of games for the NeoGeo CD. They run about $10-$15 each for CDs, annd contain some artwork(sometimes). CDR's are copies of games, and are $10 or so. They are just a CDR with a game for NeoGeo CD programmed on it. They are only legal if you own the game, or you must get rid of it within a week or so. Both run on the NeoGeo CD, but some of the newer ones don't run in the NeoGeo CDZ. Whateever the case, this is the route for trying out a game, before you buy the original. ----What is the Biggest Game for the NEOGEO currently? For games that are released, KOF 98 is already released, and is 683 MEGS! It has almost every KOF character made! Just so you know, games with bigger megabit counts may not be always better, but most are indeed better((Magician Lord is better than Top Hunter, but Last Blade is a LOT better than Fight Fever) I get a lot of questions, on if games that are bigger, are better, so here's the answer). ----NEOGEO Cartridges with cardboard boxes? What the....? Yes, the above statement is indeed true. The first 18 games were released in Japan, with cardboard boxes not unlike the Nintendo(Famicom) game boxes. These are rarer than the other box forms, by far, and are desired by collectors everywhere. ----What's this I hear about NEOGEO Emulation? That's right, you can now emulate Neo-Geo cartridge games on your own computer. After about a year of teasers and updates on how to do an emula- tor of the Neo-Geo, a couple of them are now available. There are a couple of flaws on them, such as no sound capabilities, and joystick capabilities aren't well done at the moment. Now, many ROMs have been emulated, like King of Fighters '95, Sengoku 2, and Top Hunter, which are newer games. Emulation isn't perfect, but it's coming along quite nicely. ----Oh my word! An SNK portable machine?! Tell me more. Alright, I'll try to. SNK is designing a portable machine, along the lines of a portable organizer, and utilizes mini-cartridge games as well. Here are the specifications: Processor: Motorola 68000 Display type: 2.6 inch LCD, 8-level grey scale Resolution: 160x152 Built-in Software: World Clock, calendar, Zodiac program Memory: built-in memory back-up(by way of lithium battery) Power Source: 2 AAA batteries, or AC adapter Battery life: 20 hours continuous operation Connectors: 5-pin connector(communication use) Headphones connector AC Adapter The estimated price for the unit will be about $70, and will come out in Japan around October of 1998. Also, it will be able to connect to Sega's new console, Dreamcast, which will allow gameplay over Sega's network. ----I'm tired of my Neo Cartridge(or CD). Where do I sell it? Well, I'm assuming that you don't know anyone else with your kind of Neo system(like myself). What you do, is follow this checklist below: 1. Make sure that you WANT to sell the game(s) in question. 2. Try to determine a good market value for your game, by checking out the various newsgroups associated with this( .video.marketplace comes to mind), and go from there. 3. Put Ads over the internet, telling how good of condition it is in, the price, does it come w/ box or instructions, and other general info that the people may need to make a judgment on the game. 4. Contact me! Depending on the game, I'll pay a good price for your cartridges(sorry, no CDs). Just ask! 5. Sell your games to a company, such as GameDude, for some cash. But, they will not give you much for them, and the only good reason people have for selling them to GameDude is convenience. Make this the "last resort" option. That should be enough to get you on your way to selling games over the internet. ----Can I Contact SNK? Of course you can, I've included all the addresses and phone numbers from all their branches, so you can write them and tell your story! Don't expect a quick answer from SNK, or even an answer at all, however, as they aren't the fastest responders to mail. SNK CORPORATION OF AMERICA, Torrance 20603 EARL ST. Torrance, CA 90503 U.S.A Phone#: (310)371-7100 Fax#: (310)371-0969 SNK CORPORATION OF AMERICA, San Jose 2502 STEVENS CREEK BLVD. San Jose, CA 95128 U.S.A Phone#:(408)292-4550 Fax#:(408)292-4271 SNK ASIA LIMITED SUITE 807, TOWER 1, THE GATEWAY 25 CANTON ROAD TSIM SHA TSUI KOWLOON,HONG KONG Phone#: (852)2730-0420 Fax#: (852)2375-3203 SNK SINGAPORE LIMITED 7 TAMASEK BOULEVARD 12-02A SUNTEC CITY , TOWER ONE SINGAPORE 038987 Phone#: (65)336-7877 Fax#: (65)336-2270 SNK EUROPE LIMITED 2ND FLOOR, MARLBOROUGH HOUSE, 298 REGENTS PARK ROAD, LONDON, N3 2SZ ENGLAND Phone#: (44)181-371-9911 Fax#: (44)181-371-9890 SNK CORPORATION MIDDLE EAST P.O.BOX 17306 JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone#: (971)4-814602 Fax#: (971)4-814605 NEO GEO DO BRASIL LTDA. AV. EUCLIDES, 64/68, JABAQUARA CEP 04326-080, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Phone#: (55)11-5588-2300 Fax#: (55)11-5588-2790 NEO-CREATION, INC. 2919 KAPIOLANI BOULEVARD 1 HONOLULU, HAWAII 96826 U.S.A Phone#: (808)737-1912 Fax#: (808)737-1905 Game List Questions ----You gave Art of Fighting 3 an Excellent rating. But I heard that was a bad game from some places. What's up with that? Well, certainly other people has their opinions. But, my reviews are compromised of my own experience playing the game, and other players' exper- iences with the same title. Being that some titles I cannot play at all(I don't own a NeoGeo CD system), I rely on my sources to tell me about a certain title. But most of the time, the ratings are influenced by myself playing them. They are not biased toward any company, or any lineage of a game, as they are pure ratings, and that may help someone out when looking for a particular game. In the case of Art of Fighting 3, I thought that it was an excellent game, when compared to Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, and easily was better than the rest of the Art series, so I gave it a high rating. I worked hard on the following Game List and Reviews, so I hope this helps some people with their buying decisions. ----Someone has Fatal Fury 3 for $299, but I don't want to spend that much for it. What is the market price for this game? It's hard not to spend too much on a Neo-Geo game, especially if you want that title. So, I have come up with a Market Price list for these games, so at least you have a guide to the prices. But, I don't have all these games, they are just a Market Price guide to Neo-Geo Games. I hope this helps, so you don't overspend on the certain title. ----What games do you own for the NEOGEO? Are they any good? I've been asked this question many times, so I'll make a quick answer to it. The following games are NOT for sale(I have some for sale, ask me!)! (for what I think about a certain title, see my Game List section) Breakers Breakers Revenge Chibimaruko Chan Deluxe Quiz Fu'un Super Tag Battle Magical Drop 3 Quiz Daisousa Sen Quiz Meintantei Neo Geo NeoGeo Cup '98 Ninja Master's Haoh Ninpo Cho Stakes Winner 2 Tokuten Ou: Hono-Oh No Libero Twinklestar Sprites Wakuwaku 7 ----Are there any significant oddities pertaining to the Neo-Geo and its games? Well, there are 3 that I can think of right now(meaning to production oddities, not game translation quirks, which are too numerous, and funny to mention), which are the following: 1. Minnasan No Okagesamadesu, one of the Mahjong Cartridge games for Neo, seems to be the only Cartridge game without any Megabit Count specified on the box(no cart symbol with a number inside it). 2. Twinkle Star Sprites, Alpha Denshi(ADK)'s last game on Neo, was made on Neo Cartridge in limited amounts. But, ADK ran out of instruction books for the cartridge version, so they made the rest with photocopied instructions. 3. Tokuten Ou(Super Sidekicks) , one of the first soccer games out on the Neo, was a great game in its time. One problem though, was that in championship mode, while facing the third team(?), the game will glitch up. This is on EVERY copy of Super Sidekicks, so when that happens to you, don't sweat it. 4. League Bowling, one of the first titles on Neo-Geo, was packaged with 4 different boxes. There is the Japanese version, with polka dots and pins all around; the Japanese version in a cardboard box(like NES boxes); the US version with 26 MEGA on it; and the most common version, with a newer-style design on it, and says 26 MEGS on it. 5. The Irritating Maze, a Marble Madness-type game, is on the Neo platform, but requires a TRACKBALL to play, not the joystick! And, Pop and Bounce, you can play it with a paddle-type joystick! 6. Breakers Revenge, the new Visco fighting game, was only released to the Visco employees personally(has their name in the instruction booklet), only 10 copies were made. I know, I've got one, and they are indeed 10 in the world. If there's any more to add to this, feel free to e-mail me. ----Which games for the Neo-Geo are only available in Japanese? Well, this is a big list, all these games(Cart and CD) are only available in Japanese(NOT US) form. Here it is: ADK World Baka Tonosama Mahjong Manyuki Band of the Fighters Blazing Star Breakers Chibimaruko Chan Quiz Chotetsu Brikin'ger:Iron Clad Crossed Swords 2 Crystal Legacy Drift-Out New Technology Droppers Dunk Stars Final Romance 2:Idol Mahjong Fu'un Super Tag Battle Fu'un Super Tag Battle Link-Up Fun Fun Brothers Futsal GhostLop Goal! Goal! Goal! Jyanshin Densetsu King of Fighters '96 CD Collection Magical Drop 2 Magical Drop 3 Magician Lord 2 Mahjong Kyo Retsuden Mahjong Story Minnasan No Okagesamadesu Money Puzzle Exchanger Mystic Wand Neo Bomberman Neo Mr. Do! Neo-Geo CD Special Over Top Pair Pair Wars Panic Bomber Pop and Bounce Power Spikes 2 Pulstar Puzzle Bobble Puzzle De Pon QP Quiz Daisousa Sen Quiz King of Fighters Quiz Meintantei Neo Geo Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden Limited Edition Shin Oh Ken Shinzetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Retsuden Shock Troopers Sonic Wings 3 Stakes Winner Stakes Winner 2 Super Dodge Ball Syougi No Tatsujin Tengai Makyo Shinden Tokuten Ou: Hono-Oh No Libero Twinklestar Sprites Wakuwaku 7 World Heroes Versus World Soccer '96 Zintrick ----Where can I find Neo stuff, info about the NEOGEO mailing list, and other such things? Look deeper into this faq for answers! Game List Some may not be out yet, but most are CD titles, and carts are given megabit counts. I'm also rating the games I have played on cartridge here. I will not list prototype games, since only a few of them has actually been found(or seen the actual game at work). Here it is: (1 being worst, 20 being best) ALL ARE IN JAPANESE NAME!!! 147 Separate Games Indexed ACTION: -------------- Burning Fight(54 Megs)(okay action game, ditto replay value, 10/20) Crossed Swords(50 Megs)(set a new genre for action games, 17/20) Crossed Swords 2(70 Megs)(the new sequel, a LOT better, 18/20) Cyber-Lip(50 Megs)(alright action game, 14/20) Eight Man(46 Megs)(replay value is zilch, 9/20) King of the Monsters(55 Megs)(great 2P player action, 13/20) King of the Monsters 2(74 Megs)(decent action, way different from prequel, 11/20) Magician Lord(46 Megs)(modestly difficult action game, 16/20) Magician Lord 2(Prototype)(great action game that was never released, 17/20) Metal Slug(193 Megs)(very good game, too easy, 17/20) Metal Slug 2(362 Megs)(excellent sequel, but still too easy, 17/20) Miracle Adventure(90 Megs)(very easy action game, 10/20) Musashi Ganryuki(??? Megs)(excellent action game, will be released soon, 17/20) Mutation Nation(45 Megs)(another Final Fight-clone, 10/20) Mystic Wand(Prototype)(older action game, prototype, kicks blocks around, stupid, 7/20) Ninja Combat(46 Megs)(an older version of Sengoku, 11/20) Ninja Commando(54 Megs)(scrolling action game, not great, 10/20) Raguy(47 Megs)(think Mario 2 NES, with smaller characters, 12/20) Robo Army(45 Megs)(one of the better action games, 15/20) Sengoku Densyo(55 Megs)(long action game, not real easy, 14/20) Sengoku Densyo 2(74 Megs)(easy, rare, decent action game, 15/20) Shock Troopers(346 Megs)(a newer Ikari Warriors, excellent, 18/20) Shock Troopers:Second Scud(400+ Megs)(excellent sequel, rendered, 18/20) Super Spy(55 Megs)(defined 3D action genre, 16/20) Top Hunter(110 Megs)(too easy, bad controls, 9/20) -------------- FIGHTING: -------------- Bakumatsu Roman Gekka No Kenshi(474 Megs)(perfect graphics, controls are tight, 19/20) Breakers(210 Megs)(like Street Fighter Zero, great fighter, 18/20) Breakers Revenge(242 Megs)(updated version of Breakers, very well done, 19/20) Chojin Gakuen Gowcaizer(186 Megs)(alright, lots of moves, but too old, 16/20) Crystal Legacy(98 Megs)(very old, outdated, Viccom's only game, pathetic, 8/20) Double Dragon(178 Megs)(good, technical, newer styles, 15/20) Fighters' History Dynamite(122 Megs)(basic fighting characteristics, 11/20) Fire Suplex(106 Megs)(very hard wrestling game, learning curve is high, 15/20) Fu'un Mokujiroku(190 Megs)(weird play mechanics and characters, awful, 7/20) Fu'un Super Tag Battle(242 Megs)(a million times better than Savage Reign, trust me, 19/20) Fu'un Super Tag Battle Link-Up(Prototype)(link-up version, allows versus mode in 2P, 19/20) Galaxy Fight(169 Megs)(weird, good fighting game, 16/20) Garou Densetsu(55 Megs)(classic, hard to control, 12/20) Garou Densetsu 2(106 Megs)(vast improvement over original, 15/20) Garou Densetsu Special(150 Megs)(great sequel to FF2, 15/20) Garou Densetsu 3(266 Megs)(great fighter, despite control, 16/20) King of Fighters '94(196 Megs)(first and classic, 16/20) King of Fighters '95(250 Megs)(the best buy on the Neo, damage is high, 19/20) King of Fighters '96(362 Megs)(excellent, but very cheap playing, 18/20) King of Fighters '97(460 Megs)(very modern, excellent game, 18/20) King of Fighters '98(683 Megs)(the utlimate KOF, includes everything, excellent, 19/20) Ninja Master's Haoh-Ninpo-Cho(330 Megs)(different, very intricate combo system, great music, 19/20) Real Bout Garou Densetsu(346 Megs)(hard to get used to, but excellent game overall, 17/20) Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special(394 Megs)(best Fatal Fury to date, 17/20) Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2(539 Megs)(new characters alone doesn't make a sequel. good, 17/20) Ryuuko No Ken(102 Megs)(very dated fighter, 11/20) Ryuuko No Ken 2(178 Megs)(somewhat better, 15/20) Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden(298 Megs)(easily the best Art game, animation and music superb, 19/20) Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden Limited Edition*(CD only)(contains art and hints, a must for the AOF3 fan, 16/20) Samurai Spirits(118 Megs)(slow playing, defined Neo-Geo, 13/20) Samurai Spirits Zankurou Musouken(282 Megs)(very solid game, too much damage per hit, 16/20) Samurai Spirits Amakusa Kohrin(378 Megs)(great controls, and very fun, 18/20) Shin-Oh-Ken(338 Megs)(original, grainy graphics, thumb-buster, and hard, 16/20) Shin Samurai Spirits(202 Megs)(probably the best sequel to any game of SNK's, 17/20) Tengai Makyo Shinden(202 Megs)(very easy, includes Far East of Eden characters, 15/20) Toukai Gan Gan Koshin Kyoku(178 Megs)(not the greatest, weird, 13/20) Wakuwaku 7(259 Megs)(weirdest fighting game, downright excellent, 19/20) World Heroes(82 Megs)(great in its era, decent graphics, 15/20) World Heroes 2(146 Megs)(very slow, added more characters, great sequel though, 15/20) World Heroes 2 Jet(178 Megs)(still too slow playing, 13/20) World Heroes Perfect(226 Megs)(fixed problems of WH2J, excellent, and difficult, 19/20) World Heroes Versus(Prototype)(Neo link-up version of WHP, original, 16/20) -------------- PUZZLE: -------------- Baka Tonosama Mahjong Manyuki(48 Megs)(very good Mahjong, technical, 15/20) Chibimaruko Chan Quiz(118 Megs)(anime based quiz game, very popular, 15/20) Droppers(Prototype)(puzzle game made for kids, very rare, 12/20) Final Romance 2: Idol Mahjong(146 Megs)(yet another mahjong game, newer and looks better, 13/20) Fun Fun Brothers(Prototype)(very fun Tetris clone, very hard, 16/20) Gururin(40 Megs)(decent game with traces to Columns on Genesis, 12/20) Joy Joy Kid(22 Megs)(most primitive game I've ever played, not great, 8/20) Jyanshin Densetsu(90 Megs)(not much known about this old mahjong game, just like everything else, 9/20) Magical Drop 2(82 Megs)(addicting puzzle game, rare, 16/20) Magical Drop 3(174 Megs)(LOTS of improvements over prequel, excellent, 18/20) Mahjong Kyo Retsuden(42 Megs)(pretty decent mahjong, pretty old however, 14/20) Mahjong Story(42 Megs)(adult mahjong, with a Neo flair, somewhat old, 13/20) Minnasan No Okagesamadesu(54 Megs)(animated mahjong, very graphical, funniest game I've ever seen, 12/20) Money Puzzle Exchanger(74 Megs)(puzzle game that uses lots of math skills, addicting, 17/20) Neo Bomberman(138 Megs)(finally, bomberman with Neo quality, 17/20) Neo Mr. Do!(68 Megs)(to many people, it totally destroyed the original, not good, 8/20) Pair Pair Wars(Prototype)(plays like a rendered Shanghai, decent, 14/20) Panic Bomber(46 Megs)(one of the usual Tetris clones, extremely difficult, 17/20) Pop and Bounce(??? Megs)(a different kind of puzzle game, original, 14/20) Puzzle Bobble(32 Megs)(also very addicting, very worthwhile indeed, 17/20) Puzzle De Pon(30 Megs)(just like Puzzle Bobble, too much actually, 15/20) Puzzle De Pon R(32 Megs)(my best guess, an updated version of PDP, 16/20) QP(Prototype)(saw it in a Neo-Geo Freak, looks like a good puzzle game, 14/20) Quiz Daisousa Sen(34 Megs)(like a detective game, older, 15/20) Quiz King of Fighters(122 Megs)(game with King of Fighters characters, and Haohmaru, 17/20) Quiz Meintantei Neo Geo(50 Megs)(Quiz Daisousa Sen 2, more things to do, 16/20) Syougi No Tatsujin(58 Megs)(Syougi, or Japanese chess, is here, Neo style, 16/20) Zintrick(74 Megs)(weird puzzle game, addicting, 16/20) --------------- SHOOTER: --------------- Andro Dunos(34 Megs)(not very good, graphics dated, 8/20) Blazing Star(346 Megs)(sequel to Pulstar, excellent, great music, 19/20) Captain Tomaday(??? Megs)(this is a decent shooter game, with an uninspired theme, 13/20) Chotetsu Brikin'ger:Iron Clad(178 Megs)(best horizontal shooter since Pulstar, 18/20) GhostLop(Prototype)(I think this is a shooter, looks good, 15/20) Ghost Pilots(55 Megs)(1942 all over again, very old, 13/20) Last Guardian 2(47 Megs)(dated feel, really old, 10/20) Last Resort(45 Megs)(for those who want Pulstar, but can't find it, 17/20) NAM-1975(46 Megs)(game shows its age, shooter is still fun, 14/20) Operation Ragnarok(110 Megs)(decent shooter, run-of-the-mill however, 14/20) Pulstar(305 Megs)(hardest shooter made, graphics and sound are awesome, 19/20) Sonic Wings 2(102 Megs)(good in its day, 14/20) Sonic Wings 3(154 Megs)(very hard shooter, great, 18/20) Twinklestar Sprites(146 Megs)(weird genre represented, addicting and very fun, 18/20) Viewpoint(74 Megs)(hard shooter, good graphics, like Zaxxon, 16/20) --------------- SPORTS/OTHER: --------------- ADK World(CD only)(a more rudimentary version of Neo CD special, 10/20) Ashita no Joe Densetsu(46 Megs)(very old boxing, not worth the money, 9/20) Band of The Fighters(CD only)(CD+G containing KOF music, alright buy, 12/20) Baseball Stars Professional(50 Megs)(good baseball, old, 13/20) Baseball Stars Professional 2(68 Megs)(great baseball feel, 18/20) Big Tournament Golf(133 Megs)(most addicting game for NG, 18/20) Drift Out-New Technology(114 Megs)(Neo racing, is what racing should be, 17/20) Dunk Dreams(94 Megs)(great arcade basketball, shows its age though, 16/20) Dunk Stars(Prototype)(Sammy's answer to Dunk Dreams, unfortunately never made, 16/20) Flip Shot(??? Megs)(a pinball game has FINALLY arrived on the Neo, well done, 18/20) Flying Power Disk(74 Megs)(very original, addicting game, 16/20) Football Frenzy(48 Megs)(decent arcade football, can be fun, 13/20) Futsal(162 Megs)(another soccer sim, give it a chance, 16/20) Goal!Goal!Goal!(114 Megs)(soccer quarter-sucker, pretty old, 12/20) King of Fighters '96 CD Collection(CD only)(pics and stuff from KOF '96, not needed, 9/20) League Bowling(26 Megs)(lots of fun with 2+ players, 15/20) Neo-Geo CD Special(CD only)(showcases Neo games, good buy, 16/20) Neo-Geo Cup '98(162 Megs)(new soccer game, coming out soon, looks good, 16/20) Over Top(210 Megs)(very good driving game, needs to be 2P though, 16/20) Power Spikes 2(82 Megs)(original volleyball sim, old however, 15/20) Rally Chase(CD only)(see Thrash Rally.) Riding Hero(42 Megs)(the only motorcycle racing game, alright, 14/20) Shinzetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Retsuden(CD only)(no bells-and-whistles at all, solid, 14/20) Soccer Brawl(46 Megs)(primitive soccer game, 11/20) Stakes Winner(98 Megs)(horse-racing, first effort on Neo, 14/20) Stakes Winner 2(178 Megs)(horse-racing taken to a new level, 17/20) Super Baseball 2020(46 Megs)(great baseball action, 16/20) Super Dodge Ball(190 Megs)(first dodge-ball on Neo, good, 14/20) Tokuten Ou(54 Megs)(arcade soccer, old and classic, 13/20) Tokuten Ou 2(106 Megs)(good, basic sequel, 13/20) Tokuten Ou 3(158 Megs)(great soccer simulation, 17/20) Tokuten Ou: Hono-oh No Libero(226 Megs)(like the game says, Ultimate, 18/20) The Irritating Maze(??? Megs)(only game that needs a trackball, maybe MVS only, 15/20) Thrash Rally(46 Megs)(gets the "Trash Compactor" award, 2/20) Top Players Golf(62 Megs)(old, fun factor only thing going for it, 11/20) World Soccer '96(178 Megs)(realistic soccer simulation, excellent, 18/20) ----------------- denotes Japanese name(listed here are Japanese-English names, or games that are only Japanese(only Japanese MVS, for example). remember, only games that UNDERWENT a name change are here!!!): ---------- ADK World is Japanese only. Ashita no Joe Densetsu=Legend of Success Joe Baka Tonosama Mahjong Manyuki is Japanese only. Bakumatsu Roman Gekka No Kenshi=The Last Blade Band of the Fighters is Japanese only. Big Tournament Golf=Neo Turf Masters Chibimaruko Chan Quiz is Japanese only. Chojin Gakuen Gowcaizer=Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Crystal Legacy=Fight Fever Death Match is Japanese only. Droppers is Japanese only. Dunk Dreams=Street Hoop Dunk Stars is Japanese only. Fighters History Dynamite=Karnov's Revenge Final Romance 2: Idol Mahjong is Japanese only. Fire Suplex=3 Count Bout Flying Power Disk=Windjammers Fun Fun Brothers is Japanese only. Futsal=Pleasure Goal Fu'un Mokijiroku=Savage Reign Fu'un Super Tag Battle=Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle Garou Densetsu=Fatal Fury Garou Densetsu 2=Fatal Fury 2 Garou Densetsu 3=Fatal Fury 3 Garou Densetsu Special=Fatal Fury Special GhostLop is Japanese only. Joy Joy Kid=Puzzled Jyanshin Densetsu is Japanese only. Last Guardian 2=Alpha Mission 2 Mahjong Kyo Retsuden is Japanese only. Minnasen No Okagesamadesu is Japanese only. Miracle Adventure=Spinmaster Money Puzzle Exchanger is Japanese only. Mystic Wand is Japanese only. Neo Mr. Do! is Japanese only. Operation Ragnarok=Zed Blade Pair Pair Wars is Japanese only. Pop and Bounce is Japanese only. Power Spikes 2 is Japanese only. Pulstar is Japanese only. Puzzle Bobble=Bust-A-Move QP is Japanese only. Quiz Daisousa Sen is Japanese only. Quiz King of Fighters is Japanese only. Quiz Meintantei Neo Geo is Japanese only. Raguy=Blue's Journey Real Bout Garou Densetsu=Real Bout Fatal Fury Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special=Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2=Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Ryuuko No Ken 2=Art of Fighting 2 Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden=Art of Fighting 3 Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden Limited Edition is Japanese only. Samurai Spirits=Samurai Shodown Samurai Spirits Zankurou Musouken=Samurai Shodown 3 Samurai Spirits Amakusa Kohrin=Samurai Shodown 4 Sengoku Densyo=Sengoku Sengoku Densyo 2=Sengoku 2 Shin-Oh-Ken=Ragnagard Shin Samurai Spirits=Samurai Shodown 2 Shinzetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Retsuden is Japanese only. Sonic Wings 2=Aero Fighters 2 Sonic Wings 3=Aero Fighters 3 Stakes Winner 2 is Japanese only. Super Dodge Ball is Japanese only. Syougi No Tatsujin=Master of Syougi Tengai Makyo Shinden=Kabuki Klash Tokuten Ou=Super Sidekicks Tokuten Ou 2=Super Sidekicks 2 Tokuten Ou 3=Super Sidekicks 3 Tokuten Ou: Hono-oh No Libero=Super Sidekicks 4: The Ultimate 11 Toukai Gan Gan Koshin Kyoku=Aggressors of Dark Kombat Twinklestar Sprites is Japanese only. Waku Waku 7 is Japanese only. Zintrick is Japanese only. ---------- Market Prices THESE ARE MARKET PRICES FOR THE NEO-GEO AND NEO-GEO CD. THESE ARE ONLY PRICES, NOT WHAT I HAVE. I'M NOT WILLING TO SELL, SO TAKE THESE PRICES AS A GUIDE TO WHAT THEY SHOULD GO FOR. BUT, I MAY BUY USED NEO GAMES, ASK ME FOR INFO, AND ALL NUMBERS ARE IN DOLLARS(U.S.). ALSO, THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST!!!!! First price is BUY price, second is SELL USED price, and third is BUY NEW price. NEO-GEO CARTRIDGE: Name: Buying Used Selling Used Selling New System 80 175 499 3 Count Bout 20 40 99 Aero Fighters 2 35 60 199 Aero Fighters 3 130 219 229 Aggressors of Dark Kombat 50 89 119 Alpha Mission 2 10 20 Andro Dunos 20 39 Art of Fighting 15 30 179 Art of Fighting 2 29 60 199 Art of Fighting 3 70 159 259 Baka Tonosama Mahjong Manyuki 79 129 149 Baseball Stars 10 15 Baseball Stars 2 20 40 Blazing Star 150 239 279 Blue's Journey 5 20 Breakers 299 339 409 Burning Fight 18 35 Crossed Swords 20 35 Cyber-Lip 15 30 Eight Man 59 89 Fatal Fury 5 20 129 Fatal Fury 2 20 35 139 Fatal Fury Special 25 59 199 Fatal Fury 3 55 89 229 Football Frenzy 15 29 Galaxy Fight 40 89 Ghost Pilots 10 25 Gururin 199 259 Joy Joy Kid 20 39 Kabuki Clash 40 99 Karnov's Revenge 25 39 Kizuna Encounter 299 399 459 King of Fighters '94 30 70 239 King of Fighters '95 59 90 259 King of Fighters '96 90 149 259 King of Fighters '97 130 200 279 King of the Monsters 20 45 King of the Monsters 2 25 55 Last Resort 20 35 The Last Blade 140 200 259 League Bowling 10 40 Mahjong Kyo Retsuden 20 40 89 Magical Drop 2 80 189 Magical Drop 3 199 279 349 Magician Lord 5 25 Maruko Deluxe Quiz(Chibimaruko Quiz) 159 309 Master of Syogi 79 179 Metal Slug 299 419 Metal Slug 2 150 230 259 Minnasen No Okagesamadesu 89 139 159 Mutation Nation 10 30 NAM-1975 15 30 Neo Turf Masters 85 189 299 Ninja Combat 20 40 Ninja Commando 20 45 Ninja Masters 189 339 399 Over Top 189 259 329 Power Spikes 2 69 99 Pulstar 189 279 349 Quiz Daisousa Sen 69 119 Quiz King of Fighters 99 149 Quiz Meintantei Neo Geo 89 199 Ragnagard 189 319 369 Real Bout Fatal Fury 90 170 279 Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 105 199 279 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 150 219 259 Riding Hero 25 39 Robo Army 10 35 Samurai Shodown 20 45 189 Samurai Shodown 2 30 80 209 Samurai Shodown 3 60 149 219 Samurai Shodown 4 90 249 299 Savage Reign 30 70 159 Sengoku 10 25 99 Sengoku 2 50 89 239 Soccer Brawl 15 35 Spinmaster 20 50 Stakes Winner 80 170 259 Stakes Winner 2 120 209 279 Street Hoop 20 50 89 Super Baseball 2020 5 15 Super Sidekicks 10 25 Super Sidekicks 2 30 55 Super Sidekicks 3 45 80 199 Super Sidekicks 4:Ultimate 11 90 349 389 Super Sidekicks 5:Neo Cup 98 90 279 329 Super Spy 20 35 Thrash Rally 5 20 Top Hunter 25 60 Top Players Golf 5 15 Twinkle Star Sprites 190 389 439 View Point 79 199 299 Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer 89 140 239 Waku Waku 7 170 299 349 WindJammers 60 99 World Heroes 5 20 World Heroes 2 20 40 World Heroes 2 Jet 25 55 World Heroes Perfect 99 159 279 IF YOU WANT TO SELL ME GAMES, E-MAIL ME FOR MORE INFO. I'll pay a decent price for games, not really the above prices, if asked. I WILL NOT BUY EVERY GAME WHEN ASKED. NEO-GEO CD: Name: Buying Used Selling Used Selling New Neo-Geo CD system 70 199 225 Neo-Geo CDZ System 100 260 320 3 Count Bout 15 30 Aero Fighters 2 20 29 49 Aero Fighters 3 25 44 Aggressors of Dark Kombat 15 30 Alpha Mission 2 10 29 Art of Fighting 30 59 Art of Fighting 2 10 24 39 Art of Fighting 3 30 39 69 Baseball Stars 15 29 Baseball Stars 2 29 44 Blue's Journey 15 29 Breakers 39 69 89 Brikin'ger: Iron Clad 69 99 129 Burning Fight 15 30 Crossed Swords 20 34 Crossed Swords 2 25 44 54 Cyber-Lip 15 25 Double Dragon 29 39 44 Eight-Man 15 29 Fatal Fury 30 59 Fatal Fury 2 10 29 Fatal Fury Special 15 29 Fatal Fury 3 5 20 39 Football Frenzy 10 29 Futsal 29 59 Galaxy Fight 10 35 Ghost Pilots 5 29 Gururin 19 34 Kabuki Klash 15 35 Karnov's Revenge 10 29 King of Fighters '94 15 24 King of Fighters '95 10 24 29 King of Fighters '96 20 39 49 King of Fighters '97 32 45 54 King of Monsters 2 19 35 Last Resort 10 29 Last Blade 29 69 79 Magical Drop 2 15 34 Magician Lord 5 19 Metal Slug 25 69 Metal Slug 2 20 54 Mutation Nation 15 29 NAM-1975 15 39 Neo Drift-Out 39 79 Ninja Combat 10 24 Ninja Commando 19 29 Ninja Masters 34 59 79 Power Spikes 2 19 39 Pulstar 49 79 Puzzle Bobble 10 29 Puzzled 10 29 Rally Chase 5 19 Real Bout Fatal Fury 25 44 Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 25 44 49 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 30 44 54 Riding Hero 5 25 Samurai Shodown 15 30 Samurai Shodown 2 5 15 29 Samurai Shodown 3 15 34 44 Samurai Shodown 4 20 44 54 Samurai Shodown RPG 30 59 64 Savage Reign 10 30 Sengoku 15 39 Sengoku 2 20 49 Soccer Brawl 5 20 Street Hoop 5 24 Super Baseball 2020 10 24 Super Sidekicks 15 29 Super Sidekicks 2 15 29 Super Sidekicks 3 5 15 Super Spy 15 39 Top Hunter 15 29 Top Players Golf 5 15 Twinkle Star Sprites 29 59 79 View Point 29 44 Voltage Fighters Gowcaizer 25 39 59 Windjammers 10 29 World Heroes 5 19 World Heroes 2 Jet 10 25 World Heroes Perfect 29 45 59 Zintrick 19 39 I DO NOT BUY CD GAMES, THESE ARE GUIDELINES ONLY. ------------- Phone Numbers These are all retailers that carry either the Home Cartridge, the Neo-Geo CD, or the MVS Carts and System. Please enjoy! You can call SNK, and they'll tell you a list of dealers that carry the NEOGEO, if you ask. But, some of the places they give you are very outdated, so don't worry when most of the places they give you turn up empty. MAS Systems:(714)831-5760 (accessories, and the various cart system mods.) Game Source:(212)279-6758 (these guys may have what you're looking for) Japan Video Games:(626)281-9282 (CDs, new and used carts, great service) GameDude:(818)764-9506 (an excellent source of carts and CDs!) "" BuyRite:(919)850-9473 (CDs, rarely carts, not good service) "" SNK Main Office:(408)292-4550 (has most of the carts, at a price!) "" Video Connection:(800)444-6854 (MVS everything, board prices are high) "" National Console Support:(718)523-5774 (has a LOT of imports, can find games) "" Games To Go:(612)798-5879 (has some carts, mostly older) "" Games City:(626)573-3832 (has MVS boards, carts, and other video games) "" Multimedia 1:(212)539-1039 (has older carts, most Japanese) "" State Sales and Coin:(410)646-4100 (MVS carts, complete machines) "" Great Western Trading:(541)726-1813 (MVS carts and boards) "" Game World:(410)676-0670 (can look for rare carts if you want) "" J&L Games:(212)431-1541 (has some Cartridges and CDs) "" Game Masters:(510)483-4263 (has some CDs, old carts for sale also) "" The Rage:(516)467-1679 (has a good number of newer CDs and cartridges) "" Telegames UK:(44)116-288-0445 (UK's source for Neo Carts, very good source) "" Swap USA:(404)792-7872 (has few cartridges and CDs) "" Games Central:(516)466-5767 (charges too much for games on cartridge) Other Info To subscribe to the NEOGEO mailing list, send the text "SUBSCRIBE NEOGEO" in email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and can send messages to the same address. Also, if you want more info on the Neo, go to private/links.htm . There, you can find a LOT of different websites that meet your needs. Past Updates v.1.0: First ever edition of this FAQ, with a limited game list.(4/10/97) v.1.1: Important updates, include a revamped gamelist and new questions were put up.(4/23/97) v.1.2: Added new questions.(4/25/97) v.1.3-1.9b: Questions were corrected, and gamelist was added to. (5/29/97, around there) v.2.0: New questions, and Other Info was added.(6/13/97) v.2.1-2.5: Gamelist was updated.(around 8/20/97) v.2.6: This is now the best gamelist of Neo games on the Net! I can back up these claims as well, and this FAQ has a lot of added questions as well.(10/25/97) v.2.7-2.8: Added questions, updated gamelist and reviews of my own. (12/10/97) v.2.9: Added searchable area of my FAQ, updated my gamelist and reviews.(1/23/98) v.2.9a-2.99c:Updated gamelist, added questions.(around 2/15/98) v.2.99d: Bold print and more reviews accentuate this interim release.(2/22/98) v.3.0: Revamped FAQ, with more questions, and my gamelist corrected. v.3.1-3.2: Corrections to this FAQ, including new reviews and questions. (2/26/98-3/1/98) v.3.3: Added 4 new questions, updated my Game List, and cleaned it up somewhat.(3/6/98) v.3.4-3.43: Another interim release, with new questions and game list updates galore.(3/31/98) v.4.0-4.09: Barring any more updates, this will be the definitive update, and will answer all your questions to the Neo-Geo. Also, it will be the last update, for a long time.(4/31/98) v.4.1-4.98: A compound of updates, and my review page is almost finished! Some more questions were added.(6/2/98) v.5.0: Another update compounding, this will try to end up being over 100kbits in size, which it did. (6/8/98) v.5.1-5.46: This FAQ will have some more updates done to it.(6/17/98) v.5.5: Not much more info will be needed, just new game info....(6/26/98) v.5.6: I just need any more info, as this will hit the 100KBits mark, for text version, soon.(7/15/98) v.5.7-5.89: Coming closer to the final completion, lots more will be added. (7/16/98) v.6.0: Getting to the end, almost done! (7/17/98) v.6.5: Almost to the end! v.7.0: Will probably be the last update. Almost everything is complete.(8/16/98) v.7.5: This will continue to support the Neo world, through 1999, as this is the defining point in this Neo FAQ's history. Coming Soon to my FAQ! v.8.0: Getting bigger, this will say all the megabit counts for each game! THIS FAQ IS NOT ENDORSED OR MADE BY SNK ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION!!!!!! I would wish to thank Russ Krook III, Dion Dakis, Sylvio Hodos, Tom Spearman, Spaceman Spiff, Conrad Fenech, Frigerio Stefano, Christopher Olszewski, Lawrence Bassin, Jacob Poon, MAS Systems, and Chris Ray. Oh yeah, and special thanks to Ralph Barbagallo III, for making the first one to improve and learn on. Any comments or questions about this faq and the NEOGEO? E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Happy gaming!

give my consent, but I don't like to chase rule-breakers over the internet.

Chris Mullins's Neo Geo Faq 7.5 END  

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