We see the level of fuel at very high distance. No alignement problem with the clutch since power is transmit
through a belt. Exhaust is damn good for that price. Avoid teflon grease on pinion since the dust glue easily
and remove materials like sandpaper.

NES 4231 for elevator, aileron, pitch. 3001 for gas. Radio installation is one of the easiest and nicest I saw.

This is the only way to have high battery capacity (1700mAh). Notice the switch below the RX (Futaba 149DP)

As usual, Kyosho use big tail rotor hub (derived from 60''class), but why use only one screw in it when the
second hole is prepared ?????

Overall view with the raptor canopy not fixed. Moreover you can now see the battery tester inside the canopy
(not the case before, kyosho has no real transparent windows in his canopy)

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