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The best tool Ive ever tested for Joomla

The best tool Ive ever tested for Joomla

Ive tried 10 minutes ago Blogg-X  and I can assure You that it rocks!
Blogg-X is a fat java application running under windows or macintosh, that can connect to your #Joomla site using Apache XML-RPC (remote procedure call) and a bunch of other open source frameworks. This allow You to write, delete, and create new articles without using the admin back panel!!!!!

YES I was dreaming of such a tool and found it by luck on #Joomla Forge!

It provide a WYSIWYG editor but no check spell (that the only negative I can say about it). All You have to do is to install a Mambot. There is currently no working #Linux installation, But I will provide one and send it to the author in a few hours 🙂

> Blogg-X is a cross platform (Windows XP SP2, Apple OSX 10.4.3 and #Linux) content management utility for web sites based on the #Joomla! Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Blogg-X is written in #Java, this provides Blogg-X the ability to work with a variety of systems that have #Java runtimes available and installed. Blogg-X eliminates the need to log into your #Joomla! site via an internet browser. Once Blogg-X is configured your site settings are remembered and posts can quickly be posted, modified and deleted all without using the #Joomla! interface.

Since #Java is my prefered language since 7 years, I may even submit patch to the project…
Please donate to the project if You appreciate the hard work of Chris Campbell

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