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Site optimized for mobile and cell phone

Site optimized for mobile and cell phone

I’ve created an optimized site for mobile, it is pretty basic but is lightning fast on any smart phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile). I will invest more time on it later this week.

It detect and redirect visitors to an optimized template (pda) which only display what is worth, aka articles content.

Regular user can see how it look like by cheating #Joomla! and switching template on the fly

I did not follow this tutorial, found it too late,  but it is really complete and easy to follow. By the way, opera has a “small screen rendering” view in Opera 10, visit my site or any other and click SHIFT-F11 together.

The plugin with its template can be downloaded free of charge at #Joomla! extension directory (JED) here


I did test it in IE8/IE7/Opera10/Firefox/Chrome, but send me an email if you encounter any issues..

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