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PhotoWidget 1.6.0 for Joomla! 1.6 avalaible

PhotoWidget 1.6.0 for Joomla! 1.6 avalaible


This is a small module for #Joomla! 1.5/1.6 that allow you to display a set of images from your favorite online gallery: Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa or any RSS feed.

I did integrate the Flickr widget from as a #Joomla! module. This version do not depend on Roy’s site, and run offline if needed as i rewrite the RSS parsing code myself.

  • Your Smugmug/ Picasa/Gallery 2 or Flickr RSS feed. To get feed URL one for your Flickr photo stream, simply go to your photo stream’s page and right-click the little orange RSS icon at the bottom. Select ‘Copy link location’ or ‘Copy shortcut’ and paste it into the form below. For Picasa, there’s a link called ‘RSS’ at the bottom right of the ‘My Photos’ page, and a small icon on the sidebar on other pages. For Smugmug the icon is located at the bottom of the page.
  • The dimensions for the widget. This depends almost entirely from the layout of your website. Square aspect rations work best (equal width and height). At very large sizes (400px and up) the thumbnails might have bigger pixels than usual.
  • The background color for the widget. You can use to get the right value for your website. The selected color serves only as a backup if ‘Use background transparency’ is selected.
  • RSS feed is also optional Photowidget also support up to 10 images on your server.

What’s new

NEW: version 1.6.0 is only for Joomla! 1.6
NEW: This version use the #Joomla! build in update manager, just browse to the page Extension Manager: Update (at yoursite/administrator/index.php?option=com_installer&view=update) to fetch and update this extension with one click
NEW: Use #Joomla! templating best practices
Embeded documentation windows to live wiki page for always up to date documentation


  • Native #Joomla! 1.5/1.6 module,
  • It can fetch photos from Smugmug/Flickr/Picasaor any other RSS feed
  • if you don’t like the flash output, you can now output pictures from an RSS feed in a full HTML badge manner.
  • It supports RSS caching (lifetime can be choosen in admin panel)
  • It can also let you define fix url to images on your site
  • Flickr/Picasa thumbnail pictures size can be selected
  • You can copy this module many times and use it at different places in your layout (before only one instances was able to run for each #Joomla!) at the condition to use an unique id for each.
  • Code produced is XHTML 1.0 Strict,
  • Tested in the following browser Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 8
  • Approved at #Joomla Extension JED,
  • GPL v3.0,
  • Non commercial.

The wiki page is here

Demo site


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