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moving my gallery to smugmug?

I am in the process of moving my gallery from gallery2 to

This has some advantages,

  •  Better bandwidth,
  • No security update to do,
  • Google picasa integration,
  • Unlimited space storage,
  • Some very nice themes using ajax.
  • Keyword tagging for searching and categorization of photos.
  • Enables Google Maps integration for photos with GPS.
  • Decentralized storage for  my pictures (60%, or 100 terabytes, of photos are stored on the Amazon S3 service), and
  • The ability to propose them in 4000  * 3000 pixels (gallery2 and GD were having problem, mainly memory issues).

Anyway, I have 14 days to test this new gallery. In between, you can enjoy it as well and report me any issues you may encounter.

Browse my gallery by keyword

Ive tried but was not happy with their user interface…

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