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Monique Walter 2.12.1941 – † 22.02.2010


IMG_0113 My Mother died from a Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) yesterday, Monday 22nd February.

She has fight this decease nearly 3 years long. Everything has started on November 2006, after many walking and balance problems, when she was receiving the result of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging. She was affected by something call a Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or PSP


  • Lost the ability to walk in 2006, was blocked in bed since then,
  • Was severely choking while eating during the last 8 months,
  • Was no more able to drink any liquids since 19th November 2009,
  • Was only able to eat 5 or 6 yogurt per day till mid January. 

I spent the last year and a half travelling every week end to my parents in France, in order to take care of her. And I was in the last 3 months a minimum of 24 hours per week in hospital, every single day between Christmas and new Year, for sure helping her to live a bit longer by taking time to feed her.

The last 5 days, she was fighting  in a near coma state (Paraplegia), for every breath. She seems to have wait for us to be in the room on Monday before slowly stopping breathing at 3:05PM.


3rd August 2009, 70kg2nd February 2010. 55kg18th February 2010, 4 days before death. 44kg

There is a hell lot of ways to die, surely this one is definitely not one of the best. I will always remember this last few words of her (she was not able to make any sentences since months), I was asking her if she wants something more, she respond “hope” (“de l’espoir”).

I will take this week off and hopefully be able to take more time to maintain my homepage and all my Joomla! extensions in the coming weeks.

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