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Mind Mapping meet my blog

Mind Mapping meet my blog


I develop a small PHP code which is able to capture the content of any #Joomla! site. It currently fit my need and is in no way at the moment intended to be use as a #Joomla! plugin or component.  It produce Freemind mind map and save them in XML files (.mm file) and result is displayed using the open source Flash Freemind browser.

It currently display all sections and categories of my site, articles are omitted as the Flash browser “crash” (too much articles) while the java version of FreeMind works.

The flash browser has a toolbar lightly visible at the top to help navigation, zooming and search

Visit my new sub domain now OR the link that wrap it in #Joomla (using #Joomla! HTML wrapper)


What it do

  • Code will be release as soon as it is better documented,
  • Full UTF8 support,
  • Fully configurable (configurations file),
  • Developed for being run in an Unix Cron.


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