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Happy New Year!!!

To all my visitors and the rest of the world
😉   Happy New Year! – Bonne année – Guete Rutsch! – Chag Sameach! – Boas Festas! – Gut Yontif! – Iyi YIllar! – Wesolych Swiat! – Velelykh Svyat! – Stastny Novy Rok! – Kelemes Unnepeket! – Gung Hay Fat Choy! – Felican Jarfinon!

Many, many thanks to the people who informed me, asked me and encouraged me with  emails this year…
A big thanks to all the more than 120.000 visitors this year (avg 18.000 visits monthly). Please stay with me in 2005.

It’s time for Me to go through the past year 2004 at a personal level…

  • I’ve had a surgery operation I should have done since many years…
  • I’ve lost more than 11 kg… thank to sport and fitness
  • I’ve done 1800 km on my bicycle… and swim 2 times a week like never before…(only 17km but i will do more)
  • I’ve done only 4000km on my Honda Hornet… driving too fast, and crying because of joy in my helmet: I’m guilty, I should drive slower
  • I’ve use only 7 liters of fuel on my fleet of helicopter, strange weather: a lot too much wind 🙁
  • I am glad I’ve switch my homepage to a content management system:
  • I am glad I’ve switch from windows to #Linux SuSe in dec 2003 on 3 PC (parents, home and notebook)
  • I’ve took only 1 week hollidays in 2004 🙁
  • I have not bought my ATV (Bombardier DS650 Baja X), still no right to use it on streets in france… 🙁
  • I’ve decide to prepare the SUN javacert architect java certification,
  • I am still not clearly seeing my future…where will I be in 2005???
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