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Visiting Italy: Pisa

Visiting Italy: Pisa

Pisa is a quite small city, if you go there using the train, and want to see the leaning tower, you’ll have to walk straight away during 20 minutes to reach:
The Square of miracle (The Campo dei Miracoli )

The Square of miracle is made of four buildings:

  • The Leaning tower,
  • The Cathedral,
  • The Baptistry,
  • The Camposanto.

La Torre di Pisa

Characteristics of the leaning Tower: 

  • The tower look like a hollow cylinder which is formed by 2 concentrical walls
    (all in marble blocks)
  • The height of the buildig from the foundation to the belfroy is approx. 60meters.
  • The tower weighs approx. 14.500 tonnes
  • There is a spiral stair (approx. 300 steps) within the body which allow access to the arcade storey and the top
  • The inclinaison is 5.5 in direction of the south, the tower losse 1mm yearly…

Pratical informations

  • It will cost You 15€ (as 29.10.2004) to visit it and only 30 persons are allowed at a time (35 minutes) in the tower so do not forget to buy your ticket as soon as you arrive.
  • Exit are only permit at the 7th and 8th level where visitors are protected by balustrades.
  • Visiting the tower require a certain physical effort, take your time!
  • Bags are forbidden but can be store at the checkpoint for free.
  • Annoying: each 5 meters some people will try to sell You a false Rolex or books, they stop You or ask you while You are in a restaurant.
    Note: If you get catch at the border with a Rolex copy, you will have to pay 3 times the price of a real one as fees!

The Cathedral

  • Build start in 1064 under the order of Buschetto, a native of Pisa. An urn containing hist rest is behind the first arche on the left side of the monument.
  • The unfinished building was consecrated in the 12th century by the pope Gelasius II
  • Mosaics in portal were made in 1400 but has changed a lot in 19th century.
  • The first door were made of wood by the artist Bonanno in 1186
  • The bronze doors (by Giambologna) were build to replace the old one after a fire damage (16th century).
  • You can visit the cathedral for free.

The Baptistry

  • Created by Diotisalvi in 1152
  • Same design and materials as the Cathedral in construction
  • Finished in 14th century.

The architrave relate the history of life
of St John the Baptist (reliefs 1th century)

The church of  Santa Maria della Spina

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