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The most popular teddy of Zurich summer 2005

The most popular teddy of Zurich summer 2005

In Zurich, a Domina teddy was removed from the current "teddy Summer" project, because it was disturbing and not politicaly correct.

The teddy summer 2005 exhibition continues the tradition of the last successful summer events of the city (in 1998 cows and in 2001 banks). From 23 May to 18 September the townscape of Zurich and the airport Zurich Kloten is visited by more than 600 plastic teddies – some are small, large, in groups, sitting, all create by some artists …

But the bear with the name "Baerwers", which, carries sharp-red lip, a leather mask, is dressed in a black Korsett and high leather boots and holds a Paddle – raised to the impact – in the hand. On the landing, on which it stands, the words "roofridge Class service" are written. The teddy should have been place in the proximity of Paradeplatz ;-), one of the most expensive and famous place of Switzerland (full of Swiss banks). But this was before the Director Beat Seeberger Quin saw the finished teddy….
"this bear is perverse, hardcore and represents a Domina. We had to take it from the exhibition off because of the children" (agency Reuters).

The creators of the Domina teddy have found a lot of private exibition shows: sex shop, butcher, restaurants, and it is maybe now, one of the most famous teddy bear of zurich, even If it not visible easily!

Note: I was going through the city, and found that a lot of teddy have been already kidnapped or vandalize: a shame!

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