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The Bridge Climb is the most sought after Sydney attraction.

The Bridge Climb is the most sought after Sydney attraction.

Tomorrow I will be climbing the bridge of Sydney, 134 m above sea, so wish me good luck (the weather  was quite strange in the last 3 days). I will be put my pic online, but for the moment you can watch the gallery here.

The Bridge Climb is the most sought after Sydney attraction. It takes you along the upper span of the arch on catwalks and ladders all the way to the summit, 134 meters above Sydney Harbor.
The steady incline leaves you free to focus your attention on your Sydney experience, with opportunities for 360 degree views of Sydney, including east to the ocean, west to the mountains and the harbor city surrounds.
When you reach the top you will have a sense of achievement that you’ll remember forever – you’ve conquered an Australian icon recognized the world over! No other Sydney tourist attraction can give you this feeling of standing at the top of the world, with the harbor spread before you.
Until October 1998, this Climb was strictly off-limits to the public. Today, over two million people, including many celebrities, have climbed to the summit making Bridge Climb the leading experience of Sydney and the premier Sydney tourist attraction.

It take more than 3 hours to do the climb! but it can be done in 20 minutes without looking at the panorama or stopping. You will get numerous stories and explanations from your guide (mine was very funny and was having a lot of joke in his bag)

You will wear special clothes and not be allowed to take any personal effects (like camera, watch, metal) in order to avoid any objects drop. Don’t expect be impressed by the high! path is large (except at the very beginning) and it is more or less like climbing big stairs. Pictures taken are expensive 18$ each.

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