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JAZOON 2010 – Total Cost of Ownership

I will attend the keynote of Ken Schwaber @JAZOON 2010, before heading to the Office

Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 9:00-10:00, Arena 5

Ken Schwaber

Scrum is the dominant Agile process, used by 84% of all organizations claiming to be agile. However, Martin Fowler calls Scrum “flaccid.” Worse, Jeff Sutherland, the codeveloper of Scrum with Ken Schwaber, measures that less than 50% of all organizations using Scrum are actually using iterative, incremental development. As Scrum spread, its founders expected the developers who had been disabled by waterfall would come back to life as excellent, well-tooled developers. The expectation was naive, given the rot that waterfall caused over the last twenty years.
To address this problem, partnered with Zuehlke and others to create as “immersion” course to revitalize the developers. The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course is a novel five-day course that teaches a cross-functional development team to be able to develop an increment of potentially shippable product within an iteration, or Sprint, on a Scrum Project using #Java, .NET and other technology stacks.
Ken Schwaber from discuss this program and how it is constructed during this session. They will also discuss the progress to date in delivering these courses, and the next steps in the rollout.


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