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Helvetia Patria VBP events

Helvetia Patria VBP events

The project VBP (Vertrieb und Beratungs Plattform) of Helvetia Patria is now closed after 3 years of development. We All have reach major milestones:

  • Offline plattform,
  • ePAKT project (where I was working) is a new Web application and the first software for the collective life insurance business in Switzerland. ePAKT offers to customers and selling partners all relevant contracts and policies informations and is completely integrated into the old system acompaNet.(.NET) Indoor service also profit strongly from ePAKT: they now possess a selling-oriented, self-describing information platform.
  • Kubi project
  • Commercio project

In order to thanks all people (47!) involves in this project, Helvetia Patria has organized a Day in Europa Park (Rust – Germany), the weather was with us (cloudy but still perfectly sunny), and we were able to do as much attraction as we want. For the more intrepid, the Silver Star the biggest and highest roller coaster in Europe 2 to 4 times for example…

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