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– Check if the paddles are not quite aligned, replaced the short grub screw in the paddles with a long one like in the raptor 30.
– Check the main rotor mast if it is not bend…
– (MMS mode) Wobble (for/aft) when in forward flight with low head speeds (below 1700) Try the frame bracing mod and run the engine with heat at 1850 head speed.
– Check Michael Prewitt homepage : this problem has created a lot of threads with the raptor 30, there is a lot of chance, since raptor and caliber share more or less the same design (2 seesaw rubber and free spindle shaft), that you can cure the wobble with the same tricks. (Some report that lubrification can help, and so on). if nothing simple cured your problem, try to flip the head.

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