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What I´ve done for the HP49

What I´ve done for the HP49

Under the pseudo : Elta, (the last magician lord)

I have done a nice picture on 20th march 1998. Take any HP49 in the world, and try a soft reset (ON-C), and you can see my picture!!!!!. My signature is on the left corner, you can press ON quickly to freeze the pictures. The MetaKernel is a master piece of software written entirely in ASM. I use to buy a license (version 2.20) when it was still on HP48Gx before it was merged inside the HP49 kernel.


 Some very USEFUL document to program in LM (all credits to COCOHP). A NICE flags demo! ! ! ! ! They are here because i’ve never find them in Internet (personnal correspondance in 1995).

An article (in french sorry) to explain how to display grey grobs.

In 1992, It was the time to program a graphical clock clock.dir

Easyregu is probably the biggest tools i’ve ever writting for hp48. It use very nice graphical menu to draw schematical process plot. It compact plot and has all grobs manipulation (rotate, fill, move…) and much more…. It is only big…. easyregu.dir (you must save it under easyregu in var dir)

Like A Casio is a small utility I do this for a girl i use to love a lot in the past : Angelique moussaoui (we were in prepa ATS) Its purpose is to recall the last expression in stack. It display equation like in the casio format ‘expression’ and the evaluated value in 1 level. You can recall at any time the past equation. Use Beta-Enter . Include SRC

Display a memgauge in the upper stack (written in sysrpl) memgauge.dir

Do you want to send data with mipot module ? a friend of mine build a small interface (the only drawback is the current consuption) wich take place in slot card. Here is the program to chat between each other or to receive graphic… etc (1995)

Broida, Ziegler-Nichols are methods to determine very quickly PID parameters.

Rlocus : do you want to plot Evans map (complex plot) to determine if a given system is stable in closed loop ?. This program is not written by me (Jason Frandsen first created it), just enhance : I rewrite all procedures to make them faster( no global stuff and improve algorithm), build an interface to make them more convenient, display K in pict and create a resume automatically, wich help you to hand draw the map, plus some other thing (sysrpl)

How compute aX^2+bX+C=0 ? It is a well know problem and very simple. But now, how to compute it using the smallest program size ? this one is 73 octets long…

A Virus in SYSRPL very fast, small and dangerous (It only duplicate into memory) sysrpl+src.


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