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Upgrade carbon frame from Draganfly corp.

Upgrade carbon frame from  Draganfly corp.


Can be bought at for 80€ + shipping costs.

Overall view

The original frame is weak in many places and was designed more for indoor flying. A lot of people work on the Roswell Flyer and they all designed their own frame using carbon pipes. I decided to buy the carbon upgrade frame. As usual, all models: Roswell Flyer (sold out), HMX4 (copy of previous), Dragnaflyer are sharing the same design and are fully compatible. They were all created by the clever Mike Dammar from


Content of the upgrade Kit.

The manual given explain everything and is completed. All screws, heat rubber for isolation, and a small hex key is given. Nice job. The overall frame is light and the wires are hidden in each carbon tube. A spare carbon tube is also in the kit.

Aerodynamic canopy, very light, the circuit board is
maintian by the four pylons.

Maybe the motor mount has a little too much flexion. Let
see if it survive in a small crash. Note that the pinion is now
after the motor mount and no more inside the imaginary
inner circle. It will also be in contact with the ground in case
of crash.


final throughs

The kit is not overprice and the frame seems to be reliable and light. A must for all old roswell flyer!


  • If you think you can not save the machine (crash) stop immediately the power, it will many times save your blades
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