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Season 2

Season 2

Season 2

  1. Designate This: After months of being imprisoned at Manticore, Max has resisted powerful attempts at re-programming and breeding and plans her escape from the genetics lab.
  2. Bag ‘Em: While harboring a group of Manticore escapees, Max is captured by a man charged with exterminating the remaining fugitives, leaving only Alec to rescue her.
  3. Proof Of Purchase: Max and Logan look for Joshua, who is wandering Seattle looking for ‘Father’, the man who created him.
  4. Radar Love: Max and Logan must put aside their complicated feelings for one another when they investigate a series of unusual deaths and uncover a genocidal agenda linked to transgenic escapees.
  5. Boo: On Halloween night Max finds her world turned upside down when the creatures she let out of Manticore are able to walk the streets freely without fear of exposure.
  6. Two: Disturbed by Joshua’s unusual behavior, as well as Alec’s new job working at Jam Pony, Max’s concern for Joshua is heightened when sector police killings are attributed to a “beast-like” creature…
  7. Some Assembly Required: Max discovers that Zack is not only alive but apparently benefiting from some cybernetic enhancements to his genetic engineering.
  8. Gill Girl: Alec and Max set out to rescue an aquatic transgenic caught at sea but the creature’s mate throws a wrench into their plans.
  9. Medium Is The Message: Max and Logan find themselves caught up in a spellbinding kidnapping case, that takes surprising turns when they learn the boy is the son of the infamous Mr. White.
  10. Brainiac: Brain sets out to protect Max as best he can, after he’s called upon to discover who really betrayed the group.
  11. The Berrisford Agenda: Alec must revisit one of his Manticore missions that went bad and resulted in the loss of his one true love.
  12. Borrowed Time: When Max and Logan finally find a cure for their genetically engineered virus, it turns out to be only temporary.
  13. Harbor Lights: When Max is accidentally shot during a botched robbery attempt and taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment, her true transgenic identity is threatened with exposure when abnormal qualities show up in her medical test results…
  14. Love In Vein: Max must take on a cult of superhuman-blood addicts when she learns they’re being led by a Manticore mutant intent on rebuilding an X-5 army.
  15. Fuhgeddaboudit: Transgenic Mia sets her sights on Alec, leading him back into the boxing ring to make some money for some not-so-good fellas.
  16. Exposure: Max and Logan track Ames’ kidnapped son Ray to a small town where the breeding cult known as the Familiars are readying Manticore’s youngest creations for a mysterious ceremony.
  17. Hello, Goodbye: After a near-fatal incident with Logan, Max decides to end their relationship for good…
  18. Dawg Day Afternoon: Max must break her vow to avoid Logan after Joshua’s friendship with the blind woman makes him a target of a transgenic manhunt in the sewers.
  19. She Ain’t Heavy: Max’s life is placed in more danger than ever before when she is hunted by the one person who knows her be

The 4 collector boxes are available in France now (28.08.2003)

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