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Roswell Flyer, HMX-4, Draganflyer

Roswell Flyer, HMX-4, Draganflyer

The Roswell Flyer or Draganflyer or HMX-4 flyer were designed by Mike Dammar at (a very cool man) They all shared a same design, just strong enough to fly indoor. It is the greatest machine i’ve ever flown, and all friends or people in the street agreed. The price is very high (as expensive as a picollo) but the price range is the same with all rc helicopter : all price can be easily divided by 2! I regret that only a few people can buy this wonderful machine but if you can afford one, do not hesitate : buy one, it is very stable in the air (3 gyro) but still required some helicopter knowledge.


This is the Roswell Flyer or HMX-4 flyer.
The old manufacturer of the Roswell Flyer
( disapear, but you can still
aquire the HMX-4 at
Model is discontinued and can not be bought.
This is the Draganflyer, can be bought
at It has a much
better frame in carbon.
This is the Draganflyer XP, the big brother of the
Roswell Flyer. Draganfly corp (
sell them.
Glow version, build by a Swiss guy. A pics of this device
flying was published in RCM magazine.
No other info avalaible.
Contact me HERE if you have informations.

Daniel Prelinger version

With no CPU at all only mixing devices and 3 gyro
Page is HERE
His plan is here (not tested and author do not respond) Friedrich had a lot of knowledge using
the basic stamp, great chance of success.
Project Stopped. based on a linux system and pc104 card
(expensive setup). Do not know if it fly. This project is trying to
build a remote flying plattform and therefore use expensive
devices to achieve their target.
Vectron blackhawk, thethered version not so interesting except
it’s low price. ($90) Movered it’s principle do not allow the TX to
loose direct view on ship (infrared beam which act as a fixed
reference for the control)

Origin : Canada
Remote controlled
Contra Rotor
Rotor diameter : 4 meter
Height : 1.84 m
Empty weight : 150 kg (no fuel, no load)
Gross take off mass : 350 kg
Payload carrying capacity : 105 kg
Speed : 157 km/h
Ceiling : 5.5 km
Climb rate : 7.6 m/sec
Range : 200 km
Mission : surveillance, border patrol…

500mm X 400mm, Height 120mm,
Rotor size: 330mm,
Weight: 300g,
Ni-Cd-Akku 7,2V, 500mAh, 120g

250mm, width 250mm, Height 75mm,
Rotor size: 133mm,
Weight: 85g,
Ni-Cd-Akku 7,2V, 120mAh
Fuzzy controler and fast processor.
Controlled with a hand glove.


Great machine, except flight duration (3-4 or 5 minutes!). I hope that new generation of li-ion will help.

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