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Replace flexible vertical fins on kyosho caliber 30

Replace flexible vertical fins on kyosho caliber 30

Something Hit the vertical tail fins during a hard landing (nose in and backward, I was in panic mode)
The tail blade hit the vertical fins! making a big noise. I stop everything to check was going on
A: hit the ground
B: hit the vertical fins
Decide to replace it with a raptor 30 bin, white, bigger and stronger
Draw a line and cut with any tool you add, be careful not to cut yourself in the finger.
You must adapt, in order to fix it into the tail case of the caliber

  • Heavier, will help some unbalanced heli to add weight in the tail,
  • White: better visibility
  • Stronger and not so flexible, althrough, I recommend you to use te raptor 60 fins instead
    or the new V2 fins which are even tougher.

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