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QuadroCopter buyer guide

QuadroCopter buyer guide


I remember discussing with Mike Dammar back in 2003, he was the inventor of this concept way before it get sold to Draganfly innovations (I think his company was name AFOT) Anyway, here is a list I’ve compiled of all Quadcopter available today on the market. I have still my Roswell Flyer, HMX-4, Draganflyer back from 2004 but in comparison of these ones, it look now more like a toy.

How is a quadrocopter working?

There are two different propeller-rotations. The front and back propeller turn clockwise, while the left and right propellers spin counter-clockwise. To hover, all propellers rotate at the same speed. When doing so, the forces between the clockwise props on one hand, and the counter-clockwise props on the other hand, are balanced out. This makes the quadrocopter hang steady in the air.

To be able to fly in one direction, the quadrocopter will be brought out of balance. The speed of the propeller that opposes the desired direction is increased. This makes the quadcopter tip over in a certain direction. Example: to fly forward, the back-propeller has to turn faster. This is called "pitch" or "nick" or forward/backward-movement. Left and right movements are called "rolls".

The opposite (vertical) axe is called "yaw". To be able to yaw you need a force to turn around. This force is created by changing the speeds between the forward/backward props and the left/right props. Example: to yaw clockwise, the forward/backward propellers will turn faster and the left/right propellers will slow down a little. This makes the quadcopter turn clockwise, while maintaining the same height.

Feel free to send me a link to any quadrocopter model not listed here.

Buyer guide

All these Quadcopter are extremely Stable and very maneuverable thanks to their 3 gyroscope and stabilization software.

Jumpjet THE INTRUDER – 48€

Lower cost to begin with, when broken not high repairing costs but you also get what you pay for!

A lot of video are available at Youtube


  • Weight 65g
  • 34cm Wide
  • Battery 3S 140mAh Li Po
  • Flight 5 –8 minutes

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