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Previous helicopters (sold)

Previous helicopters (sold)

in order of use, sold now

1st Raptor 30Moskito XXL 50'sFutura Se
15 liters

as 10.09.2000

2 liters
Maintenance difficult
Expensive parts

as 15.03.2001

6 flights
Great machine
Too expensive for learning

as 21.06.2001

MS-HornetRaptor 46Heaven brushless

as 16.05.2001

20 flights
woof and poof
as 11.01.2002
1h flights

too fragil
as 11.03.2002

eRaptor brushless  
34 flights
Great concept
flight time too limited
as 11.03.2002

Why do I already have so much helicopters? because it is very difficult to find an helicopter that
match your needs : easy to maintain, part not too expensive (ex: Futura), not too much high end, not too
complex to maintain (ex. Moskito), easy avaibility of parts (worse for heaven), bad friend's advices, want to try electric (mistake on NiCad)….
Contact me if you need more details about one of these machines…

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