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People get smarter and things get faster! 2

People get smarter and things get faster! 2

Reverse engineering of the IPOD firmware by using a modem noise attack!

 I got an iPod for christmas. The ipodlinux project was one of the main reasons for my choice and so I started exploring the iPod as far as I was able to. I patched the bootloader and got some basic code to run but there was no way to access any hardware other than the two CPUs yet. To get the LCD, Clickwheel and the harddisk working we needed to reverse engineer the bootloader in the flashrom. But to do that we first had to find a way to get that code. Seems quite impossible without any knowlegde about the IO-Hardware but I found a solution…

They have in fact use the internal tweeter of the IPOD to dump the result of code execution of the firmware into sound. These people have write a digital sound compression algorithm, an encoder and a decoder!!! Now 64kb of internal code can be examined!! why? just for booting LInux!!! penguin power!!!  read more here…

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