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My MS Hornet 2

My MS Hornet 2

Modellsport Hornet 2

right out the box
slowly assembling, click read more below

Equiped with

Ms Modellsport Hornet 2bought 130€ on
Gyro:CSM 400 **
RX:Rx 600 FM 41Mhz
Pitch/Roll/Nick-Servo:Hitec HS55 **
Tail-Servo:Hitec HS55 **
Battery:2000H3S 2000mAh LiPo Pack 3s Kokam
bought 213€ with charger on
battery are expensive but can be reused for my
Draganflyer 4 rotor helicopter
Blades:Carbon blade *
Hacker Motor Pinions 2.3 bore with dual set screw1$12
Steel Pinion – Tail Drive Shaft1$6
Revolution Aluminum base w/CF plate frame for Hornet299€
Hornet Aluminum Head Block1$29
Stabilizer Anti Rotation Arm with Pin Set Screws1$15
CNC Blade Grips1$29
Hornet Collective Pitch Pivot Support1$20
Hornet Collective Horn1$20
CNC Stabilizer dome1$20
Pro wood fully symmetrical blades with CNC Spacers1$17
Horizontal Fin / Clamp Set226€
Tail Fin Mount with Tail Servo Mount226€
CNC Anti Rotation Arm 1$9
CNC Tail slider arm1*
120CCPM Low Profile Swashplate SR4 3$79
High Strength Plastic Main Gear 180T/40T 3$11

Horizontal Fin Holder Hornet II with Fin+
“W” Carbon Fiber Tail Blades+
Tail Rudder Servo Mount Hornet II+
Vertical Fin
Precision High Speed Steel 2x36mm Tail Shaft 3$6.50
Precision Tail Gear Case Hornet II $45
Precision Tail Rotor SE $60
Tail Pitch Lever (Bell Crank) $25
Tail Pitch Slider SE $35
  1. will sell you anything even if it do not past together… 11/20
  2. correct prices for europe. 15/20
  3. SUPER great shop, advices and services, highly recommended 19/20

* Fully upgrade rotor head (including swahsplatte + anti rotation arm ) bought 140€ with carbon blades (value $229 without blades)
on . but Available on
** From a spare hornet 1 bought for 301€ on and partially resold without electronic for 200€ (kept the best part)

Motor:Hacker 20-22S brushless + controller **
Number of Crash:0

Do you need so much upgrades? certainly not! I would say that the carbon frame, the tail gear case, the swashplate, the tail rudder mount are a must. Prices are going down with the new H2 clone (Dragonfly), moreover I aquire a lot of parts on ebay….


The Hitec HS-55 continues the Hitec tradition of affordable performance. Featuring precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service. The HS-55 is the perfect choice for any micro application from indoor R/C and hand launch gliders, to ultra small electric Park and Yard flyers, Speed 400 and 1/2A powered aircraft.

Technicals informations

Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 24 mm
Mass/weight: 8g
Operating voltage: 4.8 – 6.0 Volts
Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts
Torque: 1.1/1.3 Ncm
Transit speed: 0.17/0.14 sec.

**Complete plastic head CP 43.13€
Boom & tail assembly 45€
Hornet 2 main frame 25.06€
Complete CP metal head upgrade 152€

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Less expensives rotor blades!

Rotor blades are way to overpriced for that kind of heli, and cost as much as 30 size blades and sometimes more!!!! crazy I list here the less expensives, I encourage You to discuss this on forums or contact me if you find a better source.


LIPO voltage monitor

Shops/tuning parts


Flight journal


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