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Learn On simulator FIRST!!!!

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Flight simulators

Ipacs Aerofly Pro
Knife Edge Realflight G2
Tru-Flite 3D
Cockpit master

Free simulators

Utility of a simulator :

  • Save your money : you can do virtual crash.But not too many, otherwise your learning curve will be flat.
  • Fly when it is raining outside !
  • Fly when it is snowing outside !
  • Improve your manoeuvre, learn new tricks.
  • Fly for free before you buy a helicopter, if you find it boring you sell the simulator and not your beautiful and expensive "as new heli" on ebay…after 3 hours….
  • Avoid dangerous situation for you and your heli.

Training :

Practice the "Oh My God" recovery : Take the helicopter up, close your eyes, SCRAMBLE the sticks for several seconds, open your eyes, then try to recover the bird.

For basic skills:
a) tail in hover
b) nose in hover
c) inverted tail in hover
d) inverted nose in hover
e) slow transition between a-b & c-d by piroetting.
f) upright figure 8's fast and slow
g) inverted figure 8's fast and slow.

Unfortunately, alot of new manuevres are built upon being able to fly your heli backwards and sideways without getting confused. So for new stuff, I've been trying my best to keep it to:

a) stationary piro-etting (all piroetting done nose right to keep it simple for now)
b) inverted stationary piro-etting
c) piro-etting T's
d) inverted piro-etting T's
e) backwards figure 8's
f) inverted backwards figure 8's

List of all available RC simulator

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