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Install a raptor 30 canopy or any other canopy

Install a raptor 30 canopy or any other canopy

Why a raptor 30 canopy?

+ Less ugly, moreover the R30 V2 is really nice (ok, it’s not a princess but this is a personal point of view)
+ Real windows for watching the battery monitor,
+ Access to the needle, can be finally adjust realtime,
+ Lot lighter ( vs 237 grammes for the original canopy),
+ The exhaust can not melt the canopy 😉
+ Better cooling,
+ Cheaper 30 size canopy of the market ($19).
+ Body retaining is easier, faster : 2 grommets instead of 4 “easy to loose” screws
+ Survive to many crash.

Take a look at the caliber 30 manual, page 17, remove the 2 screw
number 948 and replace them with philips screw or similar. We need to
remove them because the are not suited for the raptor 30 canopy.

You shall move the “hook” to the nearest
position you can (to the edge of the canopy)

You can cut the edgebut it is nott needed (not done on picture)

Cut here in order to let the swashplatte moving freely. Cut the canopy to let some space between the muffler and the body if required.

– The 2 fixing canopy screws (page 17, part 949) are iritating and if you don’t forget to overtighten them, then you can loose one in flight. The best solutions is definitively to use the thunder tiger system part: PV0061

Caution : I tried Fabian Wiedemann fiber canopy (well known brand in Europe that fit well on most 30 size). They can not be mount on the caliber, the radio tray is hitting the inside windows of canopy….

You’ve done it! Result is below :
15.11.2002 Kyosho now sell a fiber canopy:

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