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HP calculator museum: HP39+ student graphic calculator, 2003

HP calculator museum: HP39+ student graphic calculator, 2003

HP-39g series calculators are the successors of HP-38G.

There are five calculators in the 39 series of HP graphing calculators. These calculators have algebraic entry modes, and can perform numeric analysis together with varying degrees of symbolic calculation. All calculators in this series are aimed at high school level students and are characterised by their ability to download (via cable or infra-red) APLETs or E-lessons. These are programs of varying complexity which are generally intended to be used in the classroom to enhance the learning of mathematics by the graphical and/or numerical exploration of concepts. Some hundreds of these can be found on various websites

Basic characteristics

  • CPU: 75 MHz ARM9
  • Communication: USB port (using the Kermit or XModem protocols), IrDA (infrared).
  • Memory: 256 KB
  • Power: 3*AAA as main power, CR2032 for memory backup
  • Screen resolution: 131×64 pixels
  • Does not come with a hard cover
  • Limited symbolic equation functionality.

Note: Although an ARM processor is used in this model, the operating system is substantially the same as that of the 39G, with the Saturn chip being emulated on the ARM at a higher speed than was possible for the 39G. The CAS component of the HP-40G’s operating system appears to have been totally removed, rather than simply being hidden at start-up.


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