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HP calculator museum: HP 49g Graphing Calculator

HP calculator museum: HP 49g Graphing Calculator


I recently added a HP 49g to my collection of HP calculators (Price paid: 3 euro). This model is not very loved by owner and is sometimes described as the worst model of HP calculator for the following reasons:

  1. The keys are soft and VERY imprecise: you need to press hard to enter data.
  2. Display harder to read than contemporary hi-end graphing
  3. Bad documentation compare to the HP46 series
  4. The default mode of the calculator is not RPN. To use the far superior RPN mode, press the mode key and choose RPN and clear flag 117 to make the calculator behaves just as an HP 48.
  5. HP has removed the equation library because it was forbidden in some colleges, but you can install it from here like any other program

The latest operating system ROM are available at


  • Over 2,300 built-in functions for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics/data analysis, calculus, science, engineering
  • 2-D and 3-D graphing capabilities
  • 131 x 64 pixel LCD (131 x 80 pixel LCD for the HP 49gii)
  • 1.5 MB RAM, no of variables or registers unlimited within available memory
  • Algebraic and RPN data entry
  • Built-in serial port; supports optional connectivity kit
  • Step-by-step mode for dynamic derivation, integration, and linear algebra problem solving


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