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HP calculator museum: Hewlett Packard HP 40G Graphing Calculator

HP calculator museum: Hewlett Packard HP 40G Graphing Calculator


The HP-40G is an algebraic entry only graphing calculator from HP. Based on the HP-38G design, numerous firmware improvements and the inclusion of a CAS made this a very capable math platform. The HP39g and the HP 40g were both released during the year 2000. They are made on the same hardware platform with 1MB of ROM, 256KB of RAM and have 51 keys. The physical difference between the HP39g and the HP 40g is the IR port – 40g does not have IR port.

This calculator is also having the MetaKernel build in and the picture I did pixel by pixel on 20th march 1998 signed “CW” in the bottom left corner when you cold start it (ON-C no data loss, just a software reset). This work with any HP50g including emulators since the image is in the rom.

The HP40g has the same mathematical capabilities as the HP 49.

  • 131×64 pixel, 8 line x 22 char. LCD
  • Algebraic ROM  1024 KB,
  • RAM/no. of variables or registers : 256 KB/unlimited
  • Over 750 built-in functions

Date DEC 2002


HP_calculator_museum_Hewlett_Packard_HP40G_Graphing_Calculator_2 HP_calculator_museum_Hewlett_Packard_HP40G_Graphing_Calculator_1

  • Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys —
  • Included SCIENTIFIC FEATURES : Boolean operations ,
    Polar/ rectangular & angle conversions
  • Computer Link Included
  • Notepad Inc (Built-in)
  • MATH & STATISTICAL FEATURES : Statistical analysis ;
  • +, -, x, /, sq. root, 1/x, +/-, 1nx, ex, n!, yx, logx, 10x, x2, %, pi;
  • Fractions, Trig., Hyperbolics, HP Solve (root finder);
  • Numeric integration/ Complex number functions;
  • SUM x, SUM x2, SUM y, SUM y2, SUM xy;
  • Sample std deviation/ mean/ weighted mean;
  • Linear regression, combinations, permutations;
  • Curve fit (LIN ,LOG, EXP, POW); Trace on a Fit
  • VECTOR & MATRIX OPERATIONS : Matrix operations, rectangular &
  • Polar HP matrix writer, row & column operations
    No. of steps/formulas or programs/ formulas – Unlimited
    within available memory
  • Graphing Functions with interactive graphics (2D)


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