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HP 11C Scientific Calculator

HP 11C Scientific Calculator

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The #HP-11C was a mid range scientific programmable calculator. Compared to the previous series it would fall between the HP-33E/C and HP-34C. It also included two new features: a built-in random number generator and a backspace key that allowed numbers to be corrected a digit at a time.

Non-Programmable Features

Compared to the #HP-10C, the HP-11C also included:

  • Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic trig functions.
  • Probability (combinations and permutations).
  • Factorial, % change, and absolute value.
  • And, as mentioned above, backspace and a random number generator.


  • Type: Programmable Scientific
  • Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
  • Introduced: 1981
  • Discontinued: 1989
  • Cost: USD 135
  • Calculator Entry mode: RPN
  • Display type: LCD seven-segment display
  • Display size: 10 digits
  • CPU Processor: HP Nut core (1LF5 / 1LM2 / 1LQ9)
  • Programming language(s): Keystroke programmable (fully merged)
  • Memory register: 0…20 registers (R0R9,R.0R.9) plus RI, X, Y, Z, T,LAST X
  • Program steps: 63…203 lines
  • Power consumption: 0.25 mW
  • Length: 5.1″
  • Width: 3.1″
  • Height: 0.6″
  • Weight: 4oz


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Markstein, Howard W. (March 1982). “A look inside Hewlett-Packard’s HP-11C”. Electronic Packaging and Production Magazine.

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