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HeliCommand 3D- an AUTOPILOT for RC Helicopter

HeliCommand 3D- an AUTOPILOT for RC Helicopter

Found that 3 days ago on 

This look very interesting and promising, look like a good add-on to avoid crash while learning. I’ve read
many comments which do not agree and consider this as cheating. It is like hearing the same sentences
about heading hold gyro many years ago…
I consider that anything that can avoid crash is a GOOD thing, and I would like to see more electronic
going into my helicopters. More sensors, less settings (yes helicopter are fun to set up but like with cars,
not everybody want to tune its motor/electronic settings 20 hours before driving…). I would like to throw
my glow motor away: just to have a constant head speed, repeatable run like with any electro engine…

Is it not good for all of us to see more people jumping into our hobby? The Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 has done
that in 2001 because it was cheap to fly and maintain! I am flying RC helicopter because it is fun, not just to
show that I can while so many can’t…

Price: 550$ = 4 crash or just one big crash 😉



The HeliCommand stabilizes the geographical position of the model helicopter it also
stabilizes its flight attitude.
The HeliCommand incorporates several control and measurement systems (triple axis gyros and an optical
CCD sensor) to provide a superb of stability. It is ideal for the beginner. It adds a level of control and
confidence that prior to this time has been unavailable to any model helicopter pilot. The HeliCommand
provides a level of safety and accident reduction that previously has been unknown in the realm of helicopter
modeling. Dual redundancy (in both the hardware and software programming) throughout was designed into
the HeliCommand. In addition to all of the above the HeliCommand incorporates a full Failsafe unit incase of
radio failure.
Possesses the same characteristics as the HeliCommand 3A, but also features:

  • attitude stabilization in inverted flight
  • support for brief 3-D maneuvers.

Integral functions:

  • Tail rotor gyro – The HeliCommand unit features an integral high-quality heading-hold gyro. Of course,
    a separate gyro can also be used if you prefer.
  • Auto-trim
  • Swashplate mixer
    The HeliCommand unit incorporates a comprehensive integral swashplate mixer (H2, HR3, H4). This makes
    it possible to control all current types of helicopter using simple radio control systems (without swashplate
    mixers). In this case the display module or the PC adaptor and software is required in order to carry out
    adjustments. The mixer settings are entered using a new form of procedure which is very simple to operate;
    this saves the user the task of studying the menu system etc.
  • Pilot channel
    The effect of the stabilizing / positioning mode can be adjusted proportionally using a spare radio control
    channel; it can also be switched off completely for 3-D flying.
  • The in-flight switchable gain system offers three different positions: Stage 0 = Off (conventional)
    Stage 1 = Attitude regulation (stabilization)
    Stage 2 = Position-holding and "ground-speed" regulation
  • Fail-safe
    High-quality fail-safe function with FM receivers. If the radio link fails, the fail-safe responds extremely quickly
    and almost continuously, setting the roll-axis and pitch-axis functions to neutral, whilst maintaining the collective
    pitch function at the last value.
    HeliCommand – VIDEOS auf YouTube

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