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For Simulator

For Simulator
  • How to build your own realistic controler (for Realflight®, or any other simulator that use a regular joystick). All you need is to kill an old radio, extract PCB, and solder some cable.

All credits to : where the following picture was extracted.



  • Connect CSM 10 to a futaba FF9 : You must own the dongle, we only want to bypass the use of the jack connector and use a DIN..or connect to the proprietary connector..
    There is no standard off the shelf plug for this socket but you can use two 2mm pitch 3 pin headers or cut a training cord. Looking into the socket you need to link the bottom row middle and right pins. The top left pin connects to the tip of the 3.5mm jack and the top middle connects to the body of the 3.5mm jack. Plug is drawn when looking at the back of the plug where the wires are

  • Connect CSM 10 to a futaba FF8 or to any game or serial adapter
    FF8- 6 pin DIN plug (60 degree pins) pins 4 and 5 linked in plug, pin 2 to 3.5mm mono jack tip and metal outer of DIN plug to body of 3.5mm jack.

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