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Fixing your Black & Decker 18V charger

I have a Black & Decker battery charger (S100235-02 14.4V Ni-Cd battery Charger) that doesn’t want to charge anymore, just opened it an found the R2 resistor burned up, I can’t recognize the resistor because the coating is burnt. Here how it look like:


I still don’t know what blew the resistor… If it was a failure of another device in the charger or battery, then just replacing the resistor won’t help. I am still trying to because this kind of resistor is cheap and easy to replace.

Thanks to Google reverse image search, I’ve found one image with the resistor still in place AND readable Smile


Credit to


According to the chart above, I need a new 21 Ohms 10% 2 Watt resistor, a quick check 18 volt / 21 Ohms lead to 0.857A for charging. Output of charger is rated at 18V/1A. Next step is to solder the new resistor…

Here is also a forum thread I’ve found.

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