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Features, characteristics

Features, characteristics
  • PRO-70BX(R) High Torque Engine with 3 needle carburetor and New easy Rear Starter Shaft starting design
  • Full Time 4WD Heavy Duty Drive Train
  • Rigid Chassis with Front and Side Kick-up
  • Factory Painted Ford F-350 Heavy Duty Truck Body
  • High Performance Tuned Pipe and Header
  • 2 Stage air Filter System
  • 7 Shock Suspension with 3 Front and 4 Rear
  • Front Universal Axles
  • Center Rigid Axle with Steel Main Gear
  • Double Disk Brake System
  • Durable Front and Rear Gear Differentials
  • Sealed Receiver and Radio Box
  • Adjustable Caster, Wheelbase and Front and Rear Toe-In and Camber
  • Completely Factory Assembled Chassis with Motor Installed
  • Specs include 75mm H, 435mm W, 500mm L, 315mm-320mm Wheelbase, 5deg. Front Kick-up, 8+ lbs Running Weight and 1,2 or 2.5deg. Rear Toe Options
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