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Danger part ca3035 main mast stopper caliber 30

Danger part ca3035 main mast stopper caliber 30

Kyosho part CA3035
Some parts right out the bag are prone to break. Verify yours and replace them wth a raptor 30 if needed!

“Almost directly accross from where the set screw is installed was an imperfection in the aluminum.
I pulled on the part with my hands and could spread the piece and it proceeded to break in two.
I also tried the same thing on the part with no visible problems and it would not budge.” by choppengruven

Discover by in France by Claude and Laurent Lombard

QuickUk sell this one.
Thunder Tiger PV0018
Left side: unknow mast stopper
Right side: genuine kyosho part
Which one do you prefer?

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