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Clean one way bearing

Clean one way bearing

“Take out your one way bearing in the counter shaft bearing and clean it out real good. I had my one way bearning start sliping on me this weekend and at one point it completly let go and I had to auto down. When it had happend I couldn’t tell what was wrong (engine still running) but I had a dramatic loss of head speed and barely got it down safely. I had thought that the main belt had broken. After inspecting why the engine speed would shoot up (no load) I could see the counter gear free wheeling around the one way bearning. After pulling the assembly out of the frame I could not get it to let go just by twisting it. I just replaced with a friends counter gear assembly and did not bother w/ the original but it is my suspision that it is either dirty or oily and needs to be cleaned out real good. I would imagine that this could pertain to the same problem you are having only the bearing is not fully letting go. It is probably breifly letting go then re-engagin again causing the tail to loose some holding power. I think it is a good idea after 2 gallons or so to disassemble the counter gear assembly and clean the one way bearing before it causes you to loose your heli in flight.” by ??

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