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cheap parts

cheap parts

You can replace a lot of part on the caliber 30, raptor 30 parts are half prize compare to Kyosho genuine parts!

SwashplateIf your swashplate develop slope or break after a crash, do not buy a new plastic one from Kyosho….CA3036 Upper Swash + CA3037 Lower Swashplate + CA3038 Swash Inner Race = $32 you can buy an aftermarket metal for $60 (quick Uk)

Alternatively you can reduce slope in the plastic swashplate if you use new screws with big heads and the old swashplate will have smaller slop.

Landing skidsCA3029 Brace + CA3030 Skid = $24, you can buy thunder tiger PV0035 (complete landing skid set) for only $10.50 Moreover the width is 25cm vs 18,5cm! that is a 35% width increase!!
Canopy 30 body CA3031 $29 + CA3033 canopy decals $7, you can buy thunder tiger PV0066 for only $15.50.
FlybarYou can use Raptor 30 flybar, there are 60mm smaller but for $5.25 you get 2 set (PV008) instead of one CA3009 for 4.25
Smaller flybar will improve response and agressivity of heli. Use heavier paddle if you are still a beginner.
Tail blade, rotor bladesAre the same, buy the cheaper one !
FrameTry to repair it! see below
Tail finCA3058 $4.89 and CA3060 $6.49 buy bag PV0038 for raptor 30: $6 both (they are heavier)
Main rotor bladeYou can use Raptor 30 main rotor blade
ExhaustSince it is an OS32 you can virtually use any muffler which fit an OS32 or TT36, TT39
Tail PipeYes! for the price of one genuine tail pipe, you can build 7. You can buy pipe in an industrial plant! more to come soon

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