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CALIBER 1 flight log

CALIBER 1 flight log



17.08.2002 Lost 2 screws in manual page 7, stage 952.
24.08.2002 Add a dual battery system for more safety. see Caliber Tips page
10.09.2002 Run 8 liter in it in 3 weeks, you can flight 23min with a lot of
           fuel reserve before landing ! my swashplate has already a lot of slope
       (only making normal flight : mostly flying around)   
burn approx. 18 tanks
13.10.2002 3 tanks 50 min
19.10.2002 4 tanks with the new Hatori 3D pipe, lot of power,
           Danger ! rubber was so small that the pipe was going to slipe
           out the rubber ! (caliber was oily) no damage (I was lucky)
20.10.2002 3 tanks
23.11.2002 3 tanks (3 weeks of non interrupted rain !), add a header tank.
29.11.2002 3 tanks 43 min idle-up1, still raining the whole week without interruption…
01.12.2002 1 tank
22.02.2003 2 tanks 30min – 6°C outside, sunny day
28.02.2003 5 tanks 65min – 13°C outside, sunny day
09.03.2003 1 tank
22.03.2003 3 tanks 14°C outside, sunny day
29.03.2003 3 tanks 22°C, sunny day with clouds, fly only half a tank then crash 🙁 mechanical problem still unknow
19.07.2003 1 tank replace pinion 96885 (was damaged)
Fr 25.07.2003 0.2 tanks 28°C some clouds and wind, heli is too responsive on cyclic, decide to stop and go back to the bench
Tue 13.08.2003 1 tanks 27°C 8h10AM to 11h00AM
            buy some parts and disassemble a fully equipped caliber, now caliber 1 has:
        – quickuk blue swashplatte
        – correct metal center hub
        – correct metal main blade grip
        – correct metal arms and flybar control
        – SAB 300 carbon fibre blade
————— Using reflex simulator as main tools for practicing ——————–
Sat 27.09.2003 1 Tanks 16h30 to 19h00 cloudy and start raining 19°C. pratice, heli is too responsive, need exponential now

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