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Bought a Futaba 14MZ 2.4GHz !

Bought a Futaba 14MZ 2.4GHz !

futaba.14mz.rc Finally Got my Futaba 14MZ today, it’s a 14-Channel 2.4GHz Computer System from Futaba. I win it 5 days ago on A big Thanks to Juan Luis Suazo from Basel for the delivery and the nice talk we had about our common experiences using  RC helicopter. The next step will be to try to correctly configure this monster and do some practice in Reflex XTR

reflex XTR

It is the most advanced radio transmitter on the market. dot


  • DUAL internal processors for flawless reliability.
  • PCM G3 2048 resolution for unprecedented speed and precision.
  • Full color, touch screen display with Dial-N-Key button. Navigate through menus and make selections by touching the screen or using the Dial-N-Key button.
  • 2200mAh Lithium-Ion transmitter battery
  • Switch Customizing. Reconfigure the eight 14MZ shoulder switches to your own preference. Just pull out a switch to remove it, and plug in the style you prefer — tall or short, button or toggle, spring-loaded or positionable.
  • Stick Customizing-A tension adjustment lets you tailor stick “feel” to your own touch. Dual ball bearings on each axis and a long-life potentiometer ensure smooth, precise control.
  • Audio and Picture files-Using a Compact Flash memory card, modelers can upload JPEG picture images of their models that will appear on the LCD screen. Use the built-in mic to record and store up to 24 voice prompts — like “Landing gear down!” and “Full throttle!” Assign them to specific switches and functions. Then, through the built-in speaker or included earphones, you’ll hear audio confirmations of proper stick movement.
  • Compact Flash Card Data Storage & Transfer Increase memory to 100 models. Upload digital images of your aircraft for use as model names on the graphic display menu. Create and store audio files.
  • Silky smooth sticks- Each axis is supported by dual ball bearings. Stick tension and detent is adjustable, so airplane and heli modelers can personalize to their preference.
  • Preset Model Types Numerous aircraft configurations are already programmed into the 14MZ — seven wing types and three tail types. That’s a good example of the many built-in “shortcuts” that make this radio so easy to use. Just select the set-up you need!
  • Servo Grouping With the 14MZ, you can group multiple servos that control a single function onto one transmitter operation — but plug the servos themselves into different individually adjustable receiver channels (even non-consecutively) without needing a separate servo synchronizer for mixing.

Package content

  • 14MZ transmitter including (TM-14) RF module
  • 32 MB Compact Flash data pack memory card
  • 7.4V Lithium Ion transmitter battery
  • Lithium Ion transmitter battery charger
  • Wall charger for receiver battery
  • 1500mAh NiCd 4.8V receiver battery
  • Aluminum case with fully padded interior
  • Switch harness
  • Aileron extension cord
  • Y-harness
  • DSC (Direct Servo Control) cord
  • Woven adjustable neck strap
  • Rubber tipped stylus pen for touch panel, dress nut wrench, 2.5mm and 1.5mm hex wrench
  • Instruction manual


Futaba 14MZ manuals

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