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Best heli for hard 3D?

If you want to pratice (hard) 3d, you need a good power to weight ratio, no 30 size on the market can give you enough power. You have a lot of choices:

  • Buy a 60, not recommended, it is too costly to repair
  • You can buy a caliber 30 and use an 0s46 engine inside, some people on can help you. I do not recommend this mod, because the whole frame and head seem to be not of a good quality to support longer blade ans the stress of 3d flying.
  • You can buy a caliber 30 and use a TT39 instead of the OS32. I do not know if you will have more power through, maybe with 15% nitro…
  • You can buy a real 50, this is the way to go.

The best 50 heli on the market as today is definitely the raptor 50v2: best because
+ part are inexpensive -> learning 3D is costly,
+ support a lot of crash (frame wont break as easily as with the caliber 30 frame), the plastic head seems to be immortal
+ you will appreciate the reliability and durability of part.
+ A lot of pilots use the raptor for training.+ you can buy a V2 then acquire the conversion kit or acquire the 50 and go back to a 30 after
+ come with a carbon frame stiffener, metal swashplate, a header tank: no need to buy anything else.
– Only problem know on the 50 v2 is currently the jesus bolt: you may need to check it after each 5 flights (lot of failures in this area).

The TT50 is a good engine and require no so much tuning as the os50, through I will recommend you to wait for the new os50 with the new carb. Here we are flying with 1% nitro (!) because in europe, nitro can cost an arm and a leg, even with 1% the TT50 run with stuning performance.
If you like the EMS setup as I do (120° ccpm), you may want to have it on the raptor too, a compagny is now selling a unofficial conversion kit. Consider this as an upgrade.
I do not know the sceadu 50, so I can not help you, maybe you can ask on runryder, there is a hirobo section for sure. The machine is old and all problems are known-> this is good
If you are in a club, you may also take the same heli as your colleague if they are at the same level as you. It is always more fun to tune or pratice on the same machine.
If you do not know this page I recommend you to visit it.

The raptor is one of theif the most popular 30/50/60 size nitro helicopter out there flying today.
The popularity is because of it's good flying characteristics, the ability to upgrade to almost anything you want all the way up to the raptor 50(some have even put 60 helicopter engines in them). Metal upgrades are available everywhere and you can get technical help almost anywhere you go to fly.

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