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Armattan Chameleon Ti 5″ Freestyle FPV Frame

Armattan Chameleon Ti 5″ Freestyle FPV Frame

The Chameleon Titanium is the evolution of the all time favorite Chameleon released back in 2016. Better materials are used and many lessons learned with the Chameleon are revised in this new, state of the art design.

  • Better carbon fiber we worked on recently for the Rooster
  • Lighter, easier to build
  • Incredibly tough Ti front end
  • Less bolts and no more M2 bolts. ALL M3 
  • Better VTX mounting solutions
  • Better anchoring provisions for 3D printed parts
  • Frame Weight 118g
  • Motor to Motor 220mm
  • Frame Shape Compressed X
  • Main Plate Thickness 4mm
  • Titanium Cage
  • Aluminum Standoffs
  • Motor Mount Pattern 22xx
  • Center Stack Mount 30.5mm
  • FPV Camera Mount 28.5mm (Swift v2, Arrow v3, etc)
  • FPV Camera Tilt 25-60 degrees
  • Max Stack Height 22mm
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