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.50 Conversion

.50 Conversion

The Conversion kit contains

  • Longer Tail Pipe (anodized blue)
  • Longer Tail belt
  • Solid engine mounts (anodized blue) in 2 parts
  • Clutch shaft to suit 46-50 engine.

You also need to have

  • 600 mm Main Rotor Blades.
  • 46-50 size engine like TT50 or OS50 (<- recommended because of consistency)
  • 46-50 size muffler, tuned pipe


  • The conversion put a lot more stress on the rotor head, so check after each flight the plastic main grips but you may want to acquire a metal head from Quick-uk or Correct

It is recommended to have the following upgrades:

  • Metal clutch as it may disperse better the heat produce by the slipping and is less prone to deformation than the plastic clutch.
  • A better cooling fan like the one from Quick-uk or Correct because the .50 create a lot more heat.
  • Radio flexing mods and good servo to have a tighter control system.
  • Use a governor to avoid rotor over speeding during descent or when the pitch is near 0°
  • Aside from a metal swash-plate and washout…
  • Fuel consumption is 55% more than a .30


If you do not stress your helicopter with hard 3D, this mod is useless and the total cost of conversion (if you have no metal upgrades) can decide you to buy a real .50 class like the Raptor 50 or even a .60 class.


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