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2.4GHz RC transmitter are the future

2.4GHz RC transmitter are the future

I am the proud owner of a Futaba Force field 9 (aka FF9) working in PCM mode 41.080Mhz. I came across some links saying that before 2011, I will be forced to throw it away or try to convert it in 35MHz (costs of conversion would out pass a new transmitter). In fact 41MHZ has been assigned to military in France, and is already forbidden in Switzerland… While Googling about more info on that subject, I found a lot of people presenting what must be the future of RC transmitter.

Spektrum DX7 2.4GHz from

In one sentence:
2.4GHz, frequencies collision detection, 4.2Billions keys, 79 persons flying at the same time, bi-directional protocol, no more RF interferences (because only acting at 35Mhz)!
The dream of all helicopter pilot. Currently only Spektrum is proposing a transmitter: the DX7

The transmitter is also cheap: $300, compare to the Futaba 14Mz (2700 euro!!!)

Their FAQ (frequently asked Questions) will better explain You the inside of that new technology.
I will personally fly this year one more time on 41MHz (in France) except if there is already too much crash in my club due to interferences and wait for the DX9 (if a DX9 ever come out)

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