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World Heroes

GENERAL  A = Punch  B = Kick C = Throw  General History: It's the year 3091, an entity called Geegus is threatening the  planet. The entity studied earth technology and was able to defeat the  toughest soldiers, so a scientist using a time machine travelled through time  to find heroes that Geegus didn't fight and were able to defeat him.   HANZO   Nation: Japan       Occupation: Iga Ninja  History: Hanzo is a Iga Ninja from the XVII century, who developed secret  techniques. He wants to crush everyone who crosses him.   Shuriken Star: Down, Down-Forward, Forward + A  Flying Blades: Down, Down-Back, Back + B  Serpentine Spiral: Forward, Down, Down-Forward + A  Double Air Jump: Up, Up.   Ending: No sign is found of Hanzo except a note saying something like, "I have  gone on in search of more worthy opponents, so this is sayonara."   FUUMA  Nation: U.S.A.       Occupation: Fuuma Ninja.  History: Fuuma is the last Ninja of the clan Fuuma, eternal enemies of the Iga  clan. Son of an american woman, he left Japan with his mother when his father  died and trained secretly in the Fuuma techniques. With no entusiasm he agreed  to fight side-by-side with Hanzo to defeat Geegus. He lives in the middle  XX century.   Shuriken Star: Down, Down-Forward, Forward + A  Flying Blades: Down, Down-Back, Back + B  Serpentine Spiral: Forward, Down, Down-Forward + A  Double Air Jump: Up, Up.   Ending: Fuuma concentrates and transforms into a blonde businessman, who is  chastized for being late to work by his boss.    DRAGON  Nation: China         Occupation: Karateka.  History: Dragon is a legendary karateka from the middle of the XX century.  Accused of false fighter, he accepted the invitation to fight against Geegus.   Multi Punch: Tap A quickly.  Dragon Kick: Back, Forward + B   Ending: Dragon is offered a series of movie contracts by a Hollywood agent. "A  new star is born!"    JANE  Nation: France      Occupation: Fencer.  History: A XV century feminist, who protects the circus who raised her, proved  to be one of the toughest fencers of her time. Accepted the invitation to  defeat Geegus, only to prove that women are tougher that men.   Arivana Bird: Back, Forward + A  Flaming Sword: Down, Up + B  Sword Hop: Jump, Down + A  Slap: B (Close)   Ending: Janne decides that none of the men are worthy to wed her, and goes off  in search of tougher opponents.    RASPUTIN  Nation: Rusia            Occupation: Sorcerer.  History: A phylosopher of the XIII Rusia, was also a known alchemist and  sorcerer. He discovered a way to expand his members so he could fight at  distance. Acepted to fight Geegus because he saw Geegus as a Dark Angel.   Fireball: Down, Down-Forward, Forward + A (Can be done in air)  Razor Spin: Down, Down-Back, Back + B   Ending: We see him preparing to go home in the time machine, but he becomes  lost and winds up in the Age of Dinosaurs, being chased by a pack of  Tyrannosaurs.    MUSCLE POWER  Nation: U.S.A.             Occupation: Wrestler.  History: Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of all asociation in middle of XXI  century, Muscle Power (pro name) was the first one to do it. Acepted to fight  Geegus because he look Geegus as a challenger of his multiple belts.   Muscle Bomb: Back, Forward + A  Spinnig Back Breaker: Circle 360 clockwise beginnig in Forward + A  Back Flip: Back + any button (Close)  Skull Squeeze: C (Half step away)  Toe Stomp: Forward + B (Half step away)  Back Slam: Forward + B (Close)  Butt Crunch: Up, Down + B   Drop Kick: Jump, B, B  Aerial Punch: A, A   Ending: "Even on the pro wrestling circuit, Muscle Power remains a force to be  reckoned with."  "Yeah, he keeps bragging about winning all the championship  belts."   JENGHIS CARN  Nation: Mongolia       Occupation: Marauder.  History: One of the top officers and personal bodyguard of Genghis Khan, was  fierce and merciless in hand-to-hand combat. He joined the other World Heroes  to fight Geegus by boring.    Mongolian Smash: Back, Forward + A  Mongolian Dynamite: Down, Up + A  Flying Buns of Doom: Jump, B, B   Ending: J. Carn is celebrating his victory when Janne approaches him, pleading  with him to wed her. He tells her to get lost, she's not his type. But she  doesn't give up _that_ easily...    BROCKEN  Nation:Germany           Occupation: Cyborg Soldier  History: The Ultimate Soldier of the XXIII century. He alone his able to defeat  an army. Invited to defeat Geegus and acepted by orders of his superiors.   Missile: Down, Forward + A  Electric Shield: Tap A quickly  Diagonal Force Field: Down, Forward, Down-Forward + A  Flying Charge: Jump, Forward + A   Ending: Close-up of Brocken activating his shades, commenting,  "I didn't even work up a sweat."
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